How Many Lego Bricks to Build that Christmas Tree???

Date:  Dec 20, 2012

Me and Jay Jay went to Marina Bay Sands today.  We went to visit the museum, and they are showing the “The Art of the Brick” exhibition.

See that Christmas Tree behind Jay Jay?  It was made using Lego Bricks.  So, the questions is, how many LEGO bricks does it takes to make that tree?


So, back to DIVIDE & CONQUER rules.

So, if you look and count carefully, there are 12 slice of trees.  All the 12 slices are similar in shape.  So, if you can estimate the bricks on 1 slice of the tree, then, you can multiply it by 12 slices.  


Each slice of tree, has 45 balls.  Each hole to hold the ball loses 35 bricks.  But each ball is estimated to be 70 bricks.  So, you have to minus off 35 bricks and add back 75 bricks for the balls.  So, each hole, will gain 35 bricks.

So, you estimate the SQUARE surrounding the ball, how much brick is to build that.


We spent quite some time here trying to figure it out.  Don’t forget to count the stars too.


And finally, we got this formula.  It seems right to me.  So, I am guessing it has 74,000 bricks.  Hope that this is correct.  hahaha



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