Pokemon Sword & Shield – Pokedex Completed

Date: Dec 9, 2019

After so many hours. Every day play a few hours, etc.

We finally completed the Pokedex. All 400 Pokemon – all caught.

I actually spent around 165 hours to do so.

I am playing the Shield version. The last two Pokemon being the Zacian from the Sword version and the other Type: Null from my son that cannot be bred.

I breed almost all the rest of the pokemon.

My son, Kay Kay suggest to me to build a Live Pokedex. So, we make uses of 14 boxes to do so. So, these are the Pokemon in number sequence and placed in the Boxes I had.

Box 1. I need to borrow the started Pokemon from Jay and Kay. And breed them.

Box 2.

Box 3.

Box 4. Hitmotop, Hitmolee, Hitmochan dis quite hard to evolve. One need the Attack < Defence, the other need Defence > Attack and lastly, the last one need to be Attack == Defence.

Box 5. I caught myself a Gallade and equip it with False Swipe, Hypnosis, Physcho Cut and Sunny Day in order to make it the best Pokemon catcher. Of course I equipped it with Catching Charm to.

Box 6. My son spent 2 hours fishing to catch the Feebas which is 1% fishing/catching chance.

Box 7. Very hard to catch so many Eevee as they need many different stones to evolve to different types.

Box 8. Farfetch need to strike critical hit for 3 times in a battle and then it will evolve.

Box 9.

Box 10.

Box 11. I think the Yamask need to be damaged < 49% and run away successfully and go to the stone hedge there to get evolved.

Box 12. Damps and Torturnator is quite hard to catch too. The Delmise is not easy but there is a method to catch.

Box 13. Type: Null is another one I need to borrow for Kay to complete the Live Pokedex. Goomy and Sligoo is quite hard to catch too. 2% chance.

Box 14. Need to borrow Zacian from Kay to complete the Pokedex.

Can’t do it without him la. He is the only one who played Sword version at home.

And of course Jay who played the Shield version. He is the one that does all the trading of Pokemon so that they can evolve.

Next, may be complete the Curry Dex and catch some Shinny Pokemon?

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