Gadget Notes – Apple TV 3

Date:  Dec 28, 2015

I bought my Apple TV back in November.

IMG 3637

Here is the packaging.

IMG 3639

This is the new remote.  

It is very sensitive on the touchpad.

But that is how you navigate using your thumb to swipe left right up and down.

Siri works well!

And the coolest thing about this Apple TV 3 remote control is, it somehow took over the volume control on your TV.

So, when you press the volume button, it actually adjust the TV volumes.  I have not seen this done this way before.

The Xiaomi one also have the volume button, but it controls on its hardware, not the TV volume.  Let me explain, if you leave your TV volume on at loud volume, you can use your Xiaomi remote to turn down the volume.  But it only turn down the volume on your Xiaomi HDMI output, not the TV itself.  So, if you plug the Xiaomi out, the TV will still have loud volume.  

As for Apple TV, it took control of the TV volume.  Not sure how it interface, but it just did it.  So, even when you turn off the Apple TV, the TV volume will follow what you have just set to.  Cool!

It is a cool feature to have.

IMG 3640

Charging by lightning cable.  A 15 seconds charge can last 30 minutes.  Cool!

IMG 3641

That’s the new Apple TV.

IMG 3643

It is much fatter than the old box.

IMG 3645

OK.  They remove the Optical Audio.

IMG 3646  1

For gaming purpose, you should get the Loop.  It will hook to your Apple remote.

IMG 3644

The setup is very simple.  If you have an iPhone 6.  

IMG 3981

This will POP out on your iPhone 6 once you selected it on your Apple TV.  Simply enter the password, and you are done!

IMG 3982

The processor is much faster.

And the movies delivered by Apple is really High HD quality.  It is always much better than those encoded version you downloaded from the Internet.  

IMG 8167

That is why for some shows, I do collect it on my Apple TV.  

IMG 8168

For example, I got the entire collection of james Bond movies by all he actors.  I bought it at US$99 during Christmas time.

IMG 8169

In Singapore, if you have a decent ISP broadband, you should not have any problem watching Apple TV movies.

IMG 8171

This Apple TV 3 has an app store which is similar to iPhones and iPads.  That means, developers now can use the Apple TV kit to write any kind of software they like and sell it on Apple App store.  That means more Apps are available.

IMG 8172

Wow, I already have 76 Apps purchased (most of them are free).

IMG 8173

The dynamic screen saver is really nice.

IMG 8178

From the Photo Apps I can check out the photos shared by my friends and family as well as my Photo Stream.

IMG 8179

Another way is to connect it thru home sharing.

IMG 8181

Simply turn Home Sharing on your iMac and you are good to go. 

Screen Shot 2015 12 29 at 7 11 28 AM

You can access your Music, Home Videos, Podcasts, Audiobooks and Photos here.

IMG 8182

Wow, even audiobooks.

IMG 8183

If you did not turn on iCloud Photos and all your photos are on your iMac, Home Sharing is a great way to access your entire photo library.

IMG 8184

To access online movies, I have Hulu, Netflix, Crunchy Roll, etc.

Here is one of my son’s favourite, every Wednesday, he will ask me to play the latest episode for him.

IMG 8186

If you have NAS at home, you can have many ways to access the NAS.

IMG 8187

It automatically detects your NAS, and you key in the password and it will work.

IMG 8188

I placed all my home videos shoot from iPhones and cameras into the NAS.  And uses these to access it.

IMG 8189

Remember always sit down together and watch the home movies to remember your trip.

IMG 8190

The other program I used is called Infuse.

IMG 8195

It fetched the meta data so fast.  And automatically group your TV shows and movies you have on your NAS.

IMG 8196

The metadata is very important to give info about your movies files.  

IMG 8197

You got to love the streaming.

IMG 8199

A swipe down from the top of the remote will gives you all options and to turn the subtitles on and off.

IMG 8200

Alex is available too.

IMG 8176

Gaming is also great on the big screen TV.  

IMG 8192

Or if you want to cook something, you can download these apps.

IMG 8193

Teach you how to make all kinds of good food.

IMG 8194

There is also a speed test app.

IMG 8177

I used the network port, so it is only 100baseT Ethernet.  So, 100M will be the maximum speed.  Use LAN lines are more stable.  You can get more than 100M if you use the WiFi.  Most of the streaming app is 2M-10M per stream.

IMG 8206

It is very good speed for both uplink and downlink.  

IMG 8205

Siri is always impressive.  “Siri, search for all Star Wars Movies”

IMG 8208

And here are all the Star Wars movies.

IMG 8209

Siri, play some christmas songs…

IMG 8212

And it turn on the radio station for you if Siri cannot find any Christmas Song you have.

IMG 8213

How cool it is.

IMG 8214

you will need a Nimbus Game controller.

IMG 8218  1

I love to play Sky Force.

IMG 8221

How to dance?

IMG 8224

Use the Loop and remote control.  

IMG 8225

Perfect!  Just follow the hand movement. Of course, Xbox is better.

IMG 8230

How about some Live NHK TV.

IMG 8223


IMG 8222


1.  I always love Apple TV.

2.  Apple TV3 has scored very high points in my list of gadget.

3.  It is fast, and with the App store you can have more things to do.

4.  Those games you played on iPad now can be played on Apple TV on a big screen.

5.  The video encoding on Apple TV 3 is still the best.  That forced me buy a lot of movies from iTunes store.  When there are offer, that is when I buy.

6.  Amazon Fire TV is also good.  But it is because it can run Chinese App and other things.  

7.  After comparing both Apple TV 3 and Amazon Fire TV, I like the Apple TV 3 better.  Because it hook into my Apple eco-systems much more closely.  I can view my photos, listen to my music, podcasts, and audio books, and I can access the NAS easily too.

So, it is a strong recommendation from me.


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  1. I believe you are referring to Apple TV (4th generation) instead of Apple TV 3

    btw, what photo app you use for synchronise photo among iphone or ipad? or everything is on NAS?

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