My New Bike – Tern Eclipse X22 Black Bird

Date: Apr 22, 2021

That day, on Carousell, I saw this bike, and I bought it. It was 4 years old bike, and I went to see it before I pay. The bike is in very good condition. So, I bought it without question.

Same as my current bike, i.e. Tern Verge X10. This bike is also a foldable.

And yes, it has 26″ wheels. And yes, it is one of very rare 26″ foldable bike. And it is a road bike.

It is the Tern Eclipse X22 Black Bird.

It fits into my car.

And it is much comfortable ride as it has 26″ wheels. But the turning angle is a bit bigger compare to my Tern Verge X10.

Oh, please don’t ask me if I can sell my Tern Verge X10. That bike will be passed down to my son Kay. I don’t think he can ride his old Trek bike.

The folding factor is a bit wider, but still can fit into my car.

My son says the paint (black) is the same paint they used it on US Spy Plane.

The ride is very smooth. I love it. The Disc break is nice, the changing gear is nice. Worth it!

The appearance is nice too. Looks more like a bike, not like the old Tern Verge X10. The wheel small small.

I took it for another spin on Saturday at East Coast Park, really easy ride.

1-day After my second jab of Moderna Vaccine, I am on the road again.

Riding on the Alexandra Canel there. Very scenic ride too.

I can ride faster, but I think for the heart sake, ride as per normal.. hahaha

Burn almost 2k of calories while riding bike to office.

Overall, I love my new bike. Although it is 4 years old, second hand, but I feel it is maintained well.

In fact, it is one of the fastest 26″ folding road bike. hahaha

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