Golf – Swing and Into The Hole

Date: Apr 28, 2021

In life, you don’t have to be too skillful but you just need to be lucky. Just like some people not skillful to make money, but they hit Toto, or win 4D big big.

In golf, is also like this. You have the basic skills to swing the golf club, sometimes, because of the luck, the wind, the terrain, the grass, and you golf swing put the ball into the hole.

Yesterday, I hit a real good contact shot onto the green, near pin. I was already very happy, until my boss shouted “It went in!”

It was a beautiful morning for golf at the Bukit course @ SICC. 7am, we already tee off.

First hole did not do so well, spent five stroke to get my ball onto the green at hole #10. Eventually 2-putts into the hole.

Second hole, i.e. hole #11, I hit a ball to the right, then, hit a long 7-iron to the left. Could not find my ball, so I take one penalty, and hit from around there, 93 meter away from the red flag.

So, I decided to use my AS (Approach Sand) wedge. And went thru the pre-shot routine and fire…

Ball flight up high, and I see it drop just in front of the red flag.

Seconds later, my boss on the other side of the fairway shouted, “It went in!”

I turned my head and take a look… and really, my ball was missing!!! “Where is my ball?”

So, I slowly walk towards the red pin.

My friend Rajesh didn’t even know I hit the ball into the hole.

And my ball was just sitting there inside the hole.

I have never done this kind of shot in my golf life. Although I did a hole-in-one before.

But that was a couple of years back.

Hole-In-One Blog:

But the feeling of this shot is exactly like you hit a hole-in-one like that. call it the “Fake” Hole In One.

You feel good and lucky.

A very nice start. Parred this hole.

But the weather is not on our side. Have to wear rain coat, use umbralla to continue play.

Burned about 2.1k calories. Nice exercise for me.

So, playing golf needs a lot of luck. When the luck comes, you will make it.

I am not a really committed golfer, but I enjoy the walk. I am still learning how to play it well. But I can swing a bit. I am quite consistent these days, around 100+ scores. I am quite satisfy already. I am not going to play in any tournament, or gamble big in the games. Just swing my clubs, work out my body, get fitter, that’s all. If I can hit below 100 is a plus. Just focus to hit my ball straits, learn how to chip better, learn how to read better the green, putt better, I am satisfy already. Just like bicycle, I don’t have to ride fast fast. Just like hiking, I don’t have to take the toughest route, like climbing never ending flight of stairs. Just like Mahjong, don’t have to win everytime.

Sometimes when your luck is bad, stay low. When your luck came back, then, feel good about it.

That is all about life for me.

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