A Nice Crispy Prata (Enaq) After 10km Bukit Timah Hike

Date: Sep 17, 2022

Today we going to show you what is a nice crispy roti prata.

Enaq – The Prata Shop @ Jurong. Here is the address. They used to be in Ghim Moh. Strongly recommended by My friend Shao Yi. And indeed, it is so good.

The prata set looks like this.

We ordered two sets (each with 2x kosong prata) plus Ice Milo & Ice Tea is about S$9.

The Prata looks like this. It looks very crispy from the outside.

It is actually very crispy. Let me cut it. Can you hear that crispy prata sound?

Let’s put this in Jay’s mouth. Can you hear the crispy sound?

It comes with a simple curry sauce, a chilli sauce as well as some sour chilli aside.

So what’s the verdict? Jay says it is very good!

I think this is the best meal after we walked 10km of Bukit Timah/Railway Corridor trail.

The 10KM walk. Burn all our calories. So, need to replenish it.

I just came back from a Golf-Makan trip. So, need to get rid of all my extra baggage. Haha And I dragged him since he is not taking any prelim on Friday.

It shall be my 7th hike this year. I also played 150 golf games this year.

And he has to choose a very steep stairs trail. I warned him what goes down must come up. So, going down is easy, but coming up will be very siong.

Then, we went to behind at the mountain bike trail there.

Let’s make the background clearer. See that long long mountain bike trail?

Then, we came to the Singapore Quarry.

It is indeed a nice walk.

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