Golf – My Eagle Attempt

Jan 30, 2023

If you have played SICC peirce course, the 9th hole is a handicap 1, long 533m hole. If you can pass the ridge, it will be downhill. My previous most longest tee shot drive left me with 250m, which is about 280m drive.

But today, with the correct body shift, weight transfer, and great finishing, and a great ball path, I hit the ball towards the left side and faded it back to the fair way. And I think I must have hit the critical downslope that accelerates the finishing speed.

Because when we drove the buggy to find my ball, the first few balls are not mine. I almost give up hope and wanted to reverse back to find my balls in the tree lines.

But instead, my friend found the ball, which is at the location I cannot believe.

And that’s right, I found my ball. According to the buggy GPS, my tee off shot left me about 164m to the center of the green. That means, my drive is about 369m (about slightly above 400 yards). That is including a long carry of may be 260m and because of the slope or hit some hard ground and keep rolling down the preferred downslop path for another 100m plus. I believe there is a follow wind too.

Wow! Amazing!

Because I feel so happy about the tee shot. I left with about 154m to the flag (it was a red flag). And there is a head wind I can feel. So, I decided to take out my 5-Iron and start doing some practice shot. People who knows me, I don’t usually do practice shots. But I did it just to get a feel of how I want to play this shot. So, I told myself to aim at the right bunker and let the nature takes its own course. And really the ball go straight to the right and draw it to the left. It sure looks like it is ON the green. But later I found out it is not, it is just a little outside the green at the edge there.

And the best is I actually saw Roger’s putt. So, it seems straight with slight break at the end.

Again, since when you see me so seriously doing practice shot. and stare at the target long time.

And here is my Eagle attempt on the Peirce last hole, handicap 1 hole.

And I missed it. The roll is nice, the speed is nice, but the aiming and the break there is slightly off. I am happy with Birdie here. Hahaha It was a great day! Indeed.

This is how close it ended.

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