Home Remedy for Flu

Date: May 9, 2023

When you have a flu, what will you do?

My friend Raymond reminded me this.

“In Scotland, whenever the children are sick, the mother always give them a glass of hot scottish whiskey with a slie of lemon in it to fight the flu, warm up the body.”

The drink is called “Hot Toddy”. (Go search google for “hot toddy”)

I drank it before I go to sleep. I slept thru the night and wake up around 4:30am with not much nose block.

I drank another cup after I awake.

So, you definitely need a good whiskey.

Add in Honey.

Add in a slice of lemon.

And then hot water.

This is the video of the actual making of hot toddy.

After drinking it, I feel great.

Still, a word of caution, drink if you believe it, believing it can cure. Be happy, no worry.

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