First Hike @ Bukit Batok Nature Park

Date:  June 26, 2019

Last time when we still stay at Park West, walking to Ulu Pandan river, or West Coast Park is a daily thing for me.

Now, since I moved to Bukit Batok, I will need to explore new routes.

Today, is the first route.  I brought the kids to hike at Bukit Batok Nature Park.

From Google Map, Bukit Batok Nature Park is like a very small green patch compared to the Tengah, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve or even the Bukit Batok Hillside Park.

So, I told the kids, it is going to be a very fast walk.

Screenshot 2019-06-26 at 7.41.42 PM.png

So, I drove the kids in the car to find our way to the car park of Bukit Batok Nature Park.

Seems pretty straight forward.


Let’s start.


Wow, there are people doing Tai Chi.  So many of them.  May be I should consider joining them?


There are a lot of stairs.


More walking stairs.

Suddenly my Kay Kay remember what I said to him before… “Daddy, what if the trees fell down on you?”

I of course “Choy!  not raining day, and not windy day, should be fine la”.


Wow, there is a lake inside this park.  I think is the Quarry Cliff.  I thought is the little Guilin.


More stairs.


And for the first time, we reach one of the telecom towers in “Bukit Timah hill”.  Actually is not on the Bukit Timah hill, it is on Bukit Batok Nature Park.  I always drove pass PIE and saw that three towers.  I always thought it is on Bukit Timah Hill.  Obviously I was wrong.


Oh ya, here is also the World War II memorial site.


It suppose to have a memorial tower here.  But not sure why it is gone now.

Also you can actually drive your car up here.  hahahahaha


So, it is about 1.2-1.4km walk up the incline road and stairs to the top and another 1.2-1.4km walking down.

It is about 2km from my new place.  Passing the Little Guilin.  So, I figure, if I use this route, I will be clocking around 7km with walking up stairs and down stairs.  Not too bad for the work out.

Wow, I can walk to Coney Island.


May be one day I will try that.  36km – 7.3km.  About 28-29km to Coney Island from here.  Hahahaha


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