Genting Highlands After So Many Years

Date:  June 25, 2019

While driving down from Perak towards Singapore, my Waze reported a major accident on North South highway.  So, we were forced to exit Batang Kali just to take a toilet break.

By a few mistakes, we end up in Gothong Jaya.

Since so many years ago I visited Genting, I came back to Gothong Jaya.  Jut think it this way, my kids has not been to Genting Highlands before.  So, you can imagine when is my last trip here.  Hahahaha


It all looks the same to me.  Except that they now sell more durians here.  Must be cater to the Mainland China crowds bah.


Wow, this Bak Kut Teh store still here.  After so many years.  So, we ate here.


Because there are so many durian stores here.  We also eat durians as dessert.


The durians was pretty good.


Jay loves it.


Kay also tested a bit.


So, since there is a huge jam in the North South highway, and by the time we clear the jam here, we will reach Tuas around 7-8pm and by then, the jam at Tuas also building up on a Sunday night, so we predicted that we might get stuck in the traffic jam for at least 4 hours.  So, temptation came.

I launched the Agoda app and found out that there are still rooms I can book.  So, we decided to forfeit the $150 badminton fees for the both boys by missing out one week training and opt for staying one night in Genting.  The other option is to wait for 2 hours for the jam at Sungei Buloh cleared, and drive another 4 hours to reach Tuas and get stuck there for another 3-4 hours.  Hahahaha…

We got ourselves a big suite with 2 rooms, one King size bed, two Single bed at the Grand Ion Hotel.  It comes with balcony.  And when we step outside, we love it.  The kids had not seen this before.  The hotel is basically the highest hotel or service apartment in Genting.  It is about 5-7 km away from the First World hotel.

Basically, we see nothing out from the balcony.  It is all fog.


Hahahaha… the kids had never imagine that in Malaysia or Singapore around these region still has a place that is submerge in the clouds or fogs.  hahaha


I guess we are lucky that the weather is not hot that day.


Well, I don’t gamble.  So, basically I accompanied the kids to play Pokemon Tretta for few hours.  Each get RM100 for the game, but we could not finish the credits.  So, we end up “buying” the Pokemon instead of fighting it at the end after 2 hours.  Fingers also tired mah.


It is good because a game cost RM5 here.  Still much cheaper than Singapore.


We played until they have to come and top up the cards.


So, I stand beside the staff there and watch and film how he top up the Pokemon cards.


Next morning, the sky has cleared a bit.  Can see First World Plaza from here.


The view is good.


There are still very foggy.


Temperature is about 13 degrees.


Just look at the spectacular view from here.


Happy Family.


We even visited the bees and butterflies place.


Kay was watching the butterfly.


Oh.. its called Genting Butterfly Wonderland.


OK la… nice butterfly la.


More butterflies.


I like this one.


Try to take some close up shot.


But I only managed to get these photos.




My wife saw a dead bug on the garbage area.  She asked if we can have it.  The gardener says yes.


This is the bug.


My wife take out his jewelry box, and remove the jewelry and put the bug in it.


Even a dead bug also looks so nice.


That concludes our one night stay in Genting.

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