Interesting Design – Sfera Hotel

Date:  June 22, 2019

When we were at Setiawan, because my mother in law house are in the midst of “packing up” as my mother in law is moving to KL.  So, my wife said “Can you book a hotel?  I just found out we have no bed to sleep in the house”.

So, I picked up the phone and surf on Agoda.  And found this 4 stars hotel – Sfera hotel at Seri Manjung.

It is an impressive hotel.  I like the swimming pool.  And it seems quite good until I went to the toilet.

What’s wrong with the toilet?

Take a look closely.


This is the toilet bowl.  Although there is a water spray there, but you know la, we don’t actually use it.  Where on earth is the toilet paper???????????


Don’t worry, it is over there.  On the right side of the basin.

So, imagine, after you done your “big job”.. and you need to clean your butt, err.. the toilet paper is so far away.


And did you also notice that there is no mirror in the toilet?

Not to worry, open the toilet door, there are mirror at the closet there.  hahaha


I think the hotel is kind of family business.

And it is not so well thought during the design phase.  Hahahaha

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