SG50: Walking Down 41 Floors

Date:  Aug 9, 2015

Very eventful evening.

This is where we came to watch the NDP fireworks.

We are at 41st floor @ The Sail.

IMG 8087

I guess, everyone has the same idea in their head.  We actually have to queue up to get to the apartment at 41st floor.

IMG 8024

And it is not a short queue.  There are actually 100-200 people queueing.

IMG 8023

But is all worth it.  The wait.  The long walk from the car park.  

All the near by car park are all full by the time we reach there.  So, I have to park at the Maxwell Link that side.

We are like picnic.

But indoor picnic.

IMG 8033

From here, we then know how “PACK” is spelled, how “CROWDED” is pronounced.  Wow.

I was shock to see so many people.

IMG 8028

There are every where.

IMG 8027

Look at the floating platform.


You can see the helicopter clearly from here.

IMG 8043

This is where they fire the big guns.


The tanks.


Here comes the fireworks.  Nice.


This year is SG50.  No wonder so many people came to watch it.  It is a big event.


More fireworks.


 The few minutes of the fireworks that I captured.





Of course, we sing the birthday song for Singapore.

IMG 8059

I have to cook my favourite bee hoon.

IMG 8019

The kids are happily playing there too.

IMG 8063

What goes up must come down.  And when they come down, they have to cross the road, queue and go up One Raffles Quay to get their car.

IMG 8065

We try to wait for the lift to come.  But it seems that the lift stop at every floor.   And when it get to us, it is fully packed.

So, we decided to walk down the stairs.

Yes, from 41st floor.

IMG 8071

Still going strong.

IMG 8073

Still doing OK.  Left with 17 floors nia.

IMG 8076

Left with 9 floors.

IMG 8080

4 floors left.

IMG 8081

And we finally made it.

IMG 8086

As a reward, we pay only $2.40 for the car park.

IMG 8088

And that wraps up our exciting NDP experience.  Happy Birthday Singapore.  Happy SG50!

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