Nano1 – Video-ing The Moon Surface


Date:  Nov 10, 2019

Yesterday, we have lesser clouds in the sky.

Let’s take a look at the moon with our new toy, TinyMOS’ Nano1 Astrophotography Camera.


It is very small.  The red box is the Nano1 camera.


The aim is to attach it to our Celestron 6″ telescope.


I bought this from Kickstarter.  I already have a Tiny1.  Now, I got the Nano1.


It is handmade, and feel so small in my hand.  It comes with this kit lens.  It is a 2.8mm F1.4 M12 Aspherical lens.


This is the first 1000 cameras assembled by hand at Singapore.  I think.  Ya, TinyMOS is started from NUS I think.  So, I support Singapore product.


The whole back is LED screen.  It has 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi to connect to Nano1 companion app on my iPhone.


Of course I got my bigger zoon lens too.


Let’s see what we can come up with.  And for some reason, this camera actually can’t fit the whole moon into a single screen.  So, we are trying to figure out why.  May be the 6″ Telescope is too zoomy for a small sensor.

This is the the surface of the moon.  This is the original size.


I also not sure why it is pink in colour sometimes.


But the most amazing thing is I can now video the moon surface.

I must say, I enjoyed very much looking over and over of it.  This is taken on the side of the moon so always can see the moon edges.

This is the Saturn picture.  Attached behind a barlow lens.


But perhaps the greatest photo taken is Jay Jay, using his iPhone X (2 generations ago phone), and taken from the lens of Celestron 6″ Telescope.  It is crispy clear.


With a bit of Lightroom processing you get this.


And zoom out, this is my favourite moon photo.


Thanks Jay Jay.


I am still testing the Nano1, as well as Tiny1, trying to learn how to get the Astrophotographs.  I hope I can have some conclusion before my Tottori trip.  Hope to get my next milky way photos.


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