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Date:  Oct 30, 2019

[Update #1] Nov 1, my left AirPods Pro dropped. Nov 2, my left AirPods Pro dropped again. Both time happen at the Bukit Gombak Stadium while I was walking. So, if you compare the design between the old AirPods vs the new AirPods Pro, the only thing that hang the AirPods to the ear is the ear bud tips. And for some reason, it does not hang well to my left ear. So, I guess, I may need to try using the bigger one on my left ear as suggested by Jay. I had no problem with the old design AirPods, but for this new design, I started to have these problem. Take note.

“Magic like you’ve never heard”.

Screenshot 2019-10-30 at 8.12.26 PM.png

We have been waiting for Apple to come up with a “Noise Cancelling” ear phone.  And finally, I am not sure why they skipped announcement during last event, and they suddenly launched today.

It is smaller.  It is heavier.  And It is amazing.


Now, it does not look like “ear rings” hanging on your ear.


And I can charge it wirelessly.  In this case, I charged it on my Ikea desk lamp.


Important to me, I want to know how’s the quality.

Just now at the Apple store, I have opened the package and try it on.

The first time, I put on it, I have that “familiar feel” of noise cancelling.  You know, those No music playing, complete silent, kind of uneasy feeling of any noise cancelling device.  It’s there, and I know it is working.

Let’s compare to my usual Noise Cancelling headset when I go up to airplane.


This is the small one from Bose that me and my son has been using for years.

It serve us well.  Now, the question is, do I say good bye to it? (and pass it to my younger son).


Next, let’s pick the song from this singer.


Don’t play play.  I actually have this song.  Not 蔡琴 one, but good enough.  It is the demo song that Tony Leung listen to when he wanted to buy the loud speaker system in 无间道.  Hahahahahaha

OK, first of all, I don’t have super ear, cannot differentiate good speakers, but I do have the “normal average hearing capability” of a normal human being.

It sounds actually “the same” between these two noise cancelling headphones.  And I would say I am impressed with Apple Airpods Pro because it is WIRELESS (via bluetooth) vs the wired from Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones.

By right, I always can differentiate the bluetooth headphones vs the wired headphones.  But in this case, I cannot differentiate.  Somehow, I have to turned up the volume on my Bose headset to match a lower volume setting of the Airpods Pro.

So, quality is the same.  It can cancel white noise.

Next, let’s bring up the Beats Studio3.  As both are wireless, and see if there is any difference.


Oh look, I can share the music to two different headphones.


We actually interchange the headphones to listen to that song.  And try to figure out who is the best.


Well, again, I cannot tell.  Since all are noise cancelling headphones.  By right, the Beats Studio should block even more white noise, but I think I don’t have enough noise at home.


But I am very sure of one thing.  The Airpods Pro definitely looks better and not so offensive when you wear it on the MRT.

It beats the old Airpod.  As the Airpod is actually unusable on MRT because of the noise of the MRT tracks while moving.

But now with this noise cancelling, it will shut off that white noise effectively.


There is a speaker I think outside of the Airpods Pro.  And that actually is one of the best feature that I think any other headphones does not have.


The Transparency mode.

OK, if you turn off the Noise Cancellation, you will hear white noise, and most of it is blocked by the headphone buds sticking into your ear.  So, practically, you hear some annoying white noise, but 80% you don’t hear it.

With the Transparency mode turn on, you can hear people talking.  As well as the white noise.  And the music from the headphones.

OK, so, why it is useful?

Try singing a song.  i.e. sing the 橄榄树 song, then, you understand what I mean.  You can hear the music, the singer sining the song.  So, all you do is to sing along, and with Transparency mode turn on, you can hear yourself too.  This is like singing karaok, but you are not singing karaok, but you feel good that kind of good feeling.  Hahahahaha

Try it.  So, I am guessing, next time, you will see a lot of people singing in pleasure because of this feature.

This is against the old headphones, where you sing and you didn’t know you are singing that loud?  Have you ever experience that, then, people “shhhu” at you?  hahahaha

Now, with Transparency mode, you can hear yourself.  And it is a good thing.


So, here is my comment:

  1. The new design looks good.  People don’t say you wear ear rings.
  2. I have not tested the battery.  But I am sure tons of reviews will tell you about it.  The say charge 5min using the USB-C to lightning charging cable supposingly to charge faster.
  3. My job is to evaluate it and decide which noise cancelling headphones I want to bring.  Will, the clear winner is this.  Small size factor.  Compare to the Beats and Bose.  No wired attached its wireless bluetooth with amazing quality.
  4. The transparency mode is great!  You can sing karaok yourself and hear your own voice.  It is good feeling.  And you are aware of the surrounding so that you don’t sing too loud and affect others.  Best of all, the cars behind horn you, you can hear (provided you turn on the Transparency mode).




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