COD – Call of Duty for iOS

Date: Oct 27, 2019

Call of Duty.  An FPS (First Person Shooting) game.

I recalled that this game is a very old game.  I think started way back in 2003.

And it finally came to iOS.  So, I played a few games and instantly got hook.

I seldom got hook on games.  The last few games are like Pokemon Go, Diablo III for Nintendo Switch, Cat Quest II on Apple Arcade, and now… this.


It is a bit violent, but It is fun.


Especially when you play with your sons.

JayLiew888 & kaybanana2009 & me (liewjautze) play in the Match.

It was fun.



And we won.  And I guess you know who is the best gamer.  hahahaha


The Battle Royale is also nice to place too!!!



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