Lightning Chaser (Part 1)

Date:  Oct 27, 2019

I think tonight the lightning is something.


Let’s place our bets here.  Hopefully, the lightning will strike some of these towers here.  Hahahaha…


Mr. Jay is using his iPhone X to take slow-mo & time-lapse.  Hopefully he can catch some lightning.


And he did!


And this is the video Jay Jay has taken.  Spectacular!

I am using the MIOPS trigger.  And taking in high speed mode too.


So, the trigger miss-fire a lot of time.  Because as long as it sees a light suddenly, it snaps the shots.

I think it has to be a patient thingy.  It also depends a lot on luck too.  It has to be that right moment which I can’t control.  I leave it to MIOPS to press the shuttle via the USB trigger.

So, I only managed to have one single photo that has lightning on it.  I am still learning ya.  I also tried to shoot long exposure too.  But I need time to do trial and error.

After clean up the noise… smoothen it a bit…

This is my only and best photo of the lightning.


OK, after 45min, the lightning has gone away.  No more lightning.  Let’s wait for another time.



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