How to Watch EPL on my TV Set Top Box

Date:  Aug 23, 2014

Some friends asked me what is the best App to watch EPL on a big screen TV using the TV set top box, i.e.

1)  Minix NEO X7 – Android

2)  Mibox 3 (小米盒子) – MIUI on Android

3)  10moons (天敏盒子) – YunOS

4)  KOXSNI (嘉视丽盒子) – YunOS

Finally, I slept late tonight, and got a chance to do some research and testing. 

So, and my recommendation is:

     光芒体育 (Guang Mang Ti Yu TV)

My recommendation is to install the Sofa Butler App (沙发管家) and then, from there, you download the 光芒体育 App.  

Screen Shot 2014 08 23 at 11 08 28 pm

Or if you know how to install the App using the USB or SD Card, here are the link to the App.

Android APK:  guangmtiyuTV.xp510.apk

Source:  (


Funny thing is I don’t even watch or follow the soccer match.  Yeap, I don’t watch EPL.  HaHaHaHa…

OK.  What is 光芒体育?

It is an Android APK that comes with these sport channels.

Yes, astro SIPERSPORT 1, 2 & 3.

IMG 9447

So, I tested this App on Aug 23.  And there are 4 matches.

IMG 9451

Astro Supersport Channel #2 is showing Swansea City Vs. Burnley.

IMG 9458

Astro Supersport Channel #1 is showing Southhampton Vs. West Brom.

IMG 9460

And this is Astro Supersport channel #3.  Crystal Palace Vs. West Ham.

IMG 9462

OK.  Let’s take a look at the video clips that I recorded.  Seems very decent.  But sometimes it does give some pixels.  But after running a while, it is very smooth.

So, there are 3 LIVE channels to watch.

There are some reports saying that the App is actually 1-2 minute delay than the actual time.  But I guess that is fine with most of the people.

IMG 9453

So, while blogging this entry, I left it running there and so far, have not heard any freezing.  

IMG 9464

I am using ViewQwest with Freedom VPN and this is my Speed Test while the TV streaming is running.

Screen Shot 2014 08 24 at 12 09 24 am


  1. I never see you writing on the “KOXSNI (嘉视丽盒子) – YunOS” What is the cost, features & performance as compared to 10moons (天敏盒子) – YunOS, is it a good player to recommend?

  2. Eugene, once you download the APK on to your PC, copy it to a USB thumb drive. Then, plug it into XiaoMi box. There should be auto detect, and you simply install from there.

  3. The TV box connects to your TV. Download and run the Apps such as 小豆直播,光芒体育, then, you can get to see EPL. Note that, they are more and more people using this App, sometimes the server may be slow. The next choice is to download the Cloud TV APK, install it on your Android / Xiaomi TV box.

  4. Oh, this one I don't know. I assume it does. My friend has Starhub “cable TV” internet and he says off peak the channels are OK, but during peak ours, the channels are slow.

  5. Hi Is there any apk that can stream local TV channels such as HD5, CNA, U and CH 8. My home antenna is crappy. Thanks.

  6. Hello… my guang mang ti yu apps has no more AsTRO CHANNELS…dunno why liao? Also I tried to d.l the xiaodouzhibuo the thing is not working just hangs there. Please help?
    sms me ? 82013677 I want to watch EPL

  7. Can someone help: how can i watch youtube from 10moons? The apps says need google play installed but google play apps already not working. Thanks a lot!

  8. Hi, Do u know how to get光芒体育app on ViewQwest 4K TV box without changing the UI and installing SHAFA?

  9. Hi Ken, your blog has been really helpful to optimalize my Himedia android tv box. I have a few questions that will need answer (if you don't mind). First I have installed Guang Mang Ti Yu TV HD via shafa it worked for a while, now if I use the app again all that I have is a blank screen but I can still hear the audio and I still can change the channel. I can watch or stream live tv from other apps such as Iqiyi, HDP, sohu, etc with no problem at all. Which one is better, install apk from shafa or play store if I want to download Tudou, Iqiyi, and Sohu? Thank you a lot for your help. Cheers from your fan in Indonesia

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