Portable Battery Pack – UNU Ultrapak Tour

Date:  Aug 29, 2014

As a consumer, I got “con” into buying this.


It is a PORTABLE Battery Pack.

I bought it from Amazon.

Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/UNU-Ultrapak-10000mAh-External-Charging/dp/B00K8I4D2A

It says “Up to 8x Faster Recharge Rate”.

IMG 9671

It also says that “15 minutes of charge gives you all-day lasting power”.

IMG 9669

It says “features the most advanced charging technology in the world”.

IMG 9668

How did they do it?

Let’s find out now.

Here is the unboxing.

Did you see the charging cable?

Yup!  It is NOT a USB charging cable.

IMG 9681

The input is a DC 12V/2.5A.

IMG 9684

That is the secret!  

They use the 12V/2.5A charger to charger the battery.  That is why it can fill in the power so fast.

So, this is definitely much faster than the USB method.  I am not sure if it is 8x times faster, but it is definitely faster.

They also did not lie about 15minutes gives a full-day of power to the iPhone.

IMG 9693

So, by using the 12V/2.5A charger, it takes only 21 minutes to charge another 31% of the 10,000mAh capacity?

But is this the world’s most advanced charging technology?  Felt like being cheated.  HaHaHa

Of course not!  This is old.  And it is just that EVERY ONE using the USB charger to charge the battery pack.

IMG 9692

OK.  I have a lot of portable batteries.  And 100% of them are given a USB charger.  Those batteries are cheap.  And none of them comes with a DC charger such as this.

For those that is 10,000mAh, usually it takes me hours to charge up to full 100%.  I mean hours, many many hours.  I usually have to let it charge over the night to get 100%.

IMG 9696

Does it charge your iPhone any faster?

Nope.  Because the output is 5V/2.1A + 5V/1A.  So, add up together it’s output is 5V/3.1A of total power.

Since this is standard, so, it will not charge any faster than other portable battery.

IMG 9683

So, the pros and cons of having this…  This is weight 256g.  The dimension is about 2.5 times thicker than iPhone 5S, and it is slightly bigger size of the iPhone 5S dimensions.


1.  When you need to charge your battery, it takes lesser than 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.  That’s fast for a 10,000mAh battery.

2.  It comes with standard 5V/2.1A + 5V/1A.  



1.  When you travel, you certainly don’t want to carry such a big charging adapter.  A USB is much appealing and you can use it with the iPhone charger adapter.   But for 2-3 days, the 10,000mAh is big enough for you to use it without charging it during the trip.


I think I will use it.  🙂

IMG 9691

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