Exploring the Mini Legos

Date:  Mar 8, 2013

You don’t have to build complicated Lego to have fun.

IMG 7855

Sometimes, with less than 40 pieces, you can build yourself an X-Wing, B-Woing and so on. 

IMG 7874

It’s all about creativity.  Given all the parts to Jay Jay, let’s see what does he come out with?

IMG 7856

Of course, for a 7 years old, his lego creation is still “big”.

IMG 7858

This is what he comes up with.  OK.  It is a ship.  With a windows on top of it and with 2 wheels below.  Strange ship indeed.  But it is creativity.  Good job Jay.

IMG 7859

Let PaPa show you how to make different kind of ship.  This is the Horizontal X-Wing.

IMG 7866

See the wings can close.  And there is a R2 unit driving the fighter plane.

IMG 7867

This is my Star Fighter.

IMG 7870

The wings can flipped and become like this.

IMG 7871

8 big rocket thrusters behind to bring the Star Fighter into Light Speed Mode.  

IMG 7868

This is my Star Eagle.

IMG 7872

Flip the wings and it become a landing mode.

IMG 7873

We are building a star fleet right now.  The theme is space ships, space vehicles.

IMG 7876

So, Lego is No. 1 must-have toy at home for a 7 years old.  And of course, organising it is also important.  So that you will have the concepts of spare parts.

IMG 7864

If you really run out of idea, just go and buy the parts, and refer this website such as below for building the mini ships…


And if you want to buy lego parts, you can try here..


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