TV – Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Date:  July 8, 2017

If you are born in the 1970’s and you are in Singapore, at that time, TCS is showing Space Battleship Yamato a.k.a Star Blazer.  It is a 1974 production.


It talks about an alien race who invade earth and contaminated earth with their dirty bombs.  Earth received a friendly message from Iscandar and retrofit a battleship – Yamato with alien tech, i.e. Wave Motion engine and they have 1 year time to fly to Iscandar and retrieve a Cosmo Reversal tech to remove those radiation on earth.  Otherwise the human will face extinction.  So, on the way to Iscandar, they have to fight the enemy alien called Gamilons.

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As a kid, I love to watch Sci-Fi show.  And this show has very nice story line.  Human fighting aliens.

So, I let my kids to watch a cartoon that has 52 episodes and the cartoon is produced 43 years ago.  As old as their old man.  wahahaha.  And they love it!


While the kids are watching the old 1974 series, I am watching the 2012 new series.  It has 26 episodes.  The graphics of course is much much more nicer.


The story line is still the same, but they have added in some nice new character.  For example, Yamamoto Akira is an accounting girl, but she enlist in Yamato, and in one of the episodes, she stole a fighter plane Cosmo Zero and rescue Kodai and Yuki from the attack in Saturn.


This is the opening theme songs.  Very nice to hear this song.

The story line when general Domel fighting head to head with Captain Okita is very nice.  The heroic battle is cool.  Of course Domel lost and self-destruct his last cruiser attached underneath Yamato.

Introduction of Yamamoto Akira, and she stood between Kodai and Yuki is quite entertaining too.


I like the Yamato 2199 cartoon series, because it has more richer characters in there.  As for kids I feel that they can learn a lot of things from there.  How to lead, how to become good hero, how to fight with honour, etc etc.


When they arrived at Iscandar, there is a huge twist there.  Quite entertaining too.  When princess Yurisha take over Makota’s (the nurse) mind, it also quite funny.


But I can only find the Japanese version, and subtitled in English.  There is no dubbed version of this new Yamato 2199 TV Series.

Beside Yuki & Akira, we have Niimi who believe human can only survive extinction by exploring another Earth like planet and once found must bring colonies from Earth to this new planet.

Harada Makoto, later married to Kato, the fighter pilot.  She is always helping Dr. Sado.

And Admiral Ditz daughter Merda.  She later become good friend and ally to Akira Yamamoto.


And there is a new series coming out this year.  It is the Volume 2.  And it happens 3 years later after Yamato came back to Earth.

That is why the new Series is called Yamato 2202.


Although they only showed two episode, you can imagine the great story lies ahead.

Earth defence force broke promise.  The promise to Iscandar queen.  Earth invented and produce 4 Andromeda class of ship equipped with dual Wave Motion Gun.  Which is bad.


Of course, they have new villains.  The green skin Gatlantis.  And Earth human have to allied with blue skin Gamilons to fight against the Gatlantis.


I think they are genetic enhanced race.


And the Gatlantis leader has also a lady friend who is not Gatlantis race but very loyal to Gatlantis leader.


So, now I am waiting for them to push out one episode by one episode of the Space Battleship Yamato 2202.

Then, there is this “stupid” real person movie of Space Battleship Yamato.  The lead actor is Takuya Kimura.


This show actually quite bad.  So, I have decided not to watch this with my sons.  hahahaha


How bad?  Really bad.  In terms of NOT FOLLOWING the original story line.


The Captain Okita really “boh seh” one.


OK, is there any resemblance you see for Yuki Mora?  At least wear a wig of blond colour la.  Black hair girl cannot make it.  And in the real-man movie, Yuki Mora is a fighter Cosmo Tiger pilot.  She is not even wearing correct officer uniform.


I think this show is very low budget.  That is why there is so many bad things to talk about.

  1. How can the alien not look like human with blue skin.  It looks like monsters.
  2. They did not show any real aliens.
  3. Why Dr. Sado is a lady?
  4. How can at the end, the alien ship fire so many laser at Yamato which is head banging the alien ship and not many of them can touch the hull of Yamato.
  5. How can the away team is only few people, and the aliens is in thousands and the alien again has poor aiming, and got killed by many.
  6. They did not show Domel.  They did not show the Hitler look alike guy.  These are aliens, must at least show face la.
  7. Too much talking.
  8. Analyzer is not an iPad.  But later, it become R2-D2.
  9. Iscandar is another planet.  is not the other side of the planet.
  10. Every one die.  no la…
  11. … many many more complaints…

So bad that I dont even want to watch liao.  hahaha







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