IoT @ Home – Sensibo

Date:  July 8, 2017

Last week I bought a Tado, a Smart AC Control to turn on off my Air-con using Alexa.  I wrote a blog entry about it.  Search “Tado” on Miniliew.  🙂

At the same time, I also bought another brand.  i.e. Sensibo.

This is Sensibo Sky.


It will make your Air-con Smart.  So, it claims.

The price is much cheaper than Tado.

The box is much smaller.

It is also crowdfunded.  Successfully raised $179,675 back in July 10, 2014.


The box is really small and simple.  3 pieces of hardware.


Very light, and I can place it in line of sight with the air-con.  Now, notice that the box actually show the photo where it was placed under the air-con itself.  (So, infra-red can bounced back from wall).


1x USB port.  The other port I am not sure what it is.  There is no documentation about it.  I am guessing it is a diagnostic port.

There is a sticker pad there.  So that you can stick this to the wall.  Well, I really dont think it can stick for so long as it is nothing close to the 3M sticky thingy.


One thing I dont like is the USB cable, it is so short.


Let’s put it to test.  I placed it at the bookshelf facing the air-con.


Installing Sensibo seems way too easy.  So interesting…

After going thru the setup with Tado last week, I seriously don’t think Sensibo can be that easy.  so I am skeptical.


So, I downloaded the Sensibo App.

  1.  Download the App.
  2. Run the App.  Register a Sensibo account.
  3. Select the WiFi in Settings.
  4. Go back to the App.
  5. Scan the QR-Code.


6. Update firmware.  Wow, only 2-3 minutes to update the firmware.  Now, I am impressed.  Remember, last week, the 1 hour long update process for Tado?  hahaha



7. Sync the remote control.  Simply just press the ON button for Sensibo to detect.


You here the beep sound.


And installation completed.



By simply facing the remote control towards Sensibo and just pressing the ON Button and hold there for few seconds, and the “Installation Completed”??


OK, now I am impressed.  I renamed it to “Study Room”.  Oh, really works!!!  I can control my air-con using the App.  How?  So fast?


8.  I launched Alexa App.  Enable the “Sensibo” skill.

9.  Then, I detect the devices in Alexa App.  Alexa found my “Study room” (My air-con name).


Yeah!  Alexa turn on the Study Room.  Beep, the aircon turn on.

Alexa turn off the Study Room, and beep, the aircon turn off.

Alexa set the Study room temperature to 18 degress.

Alexa increase the Study room temperature by 2 degrees.

And it works.

WOW.  Jaw-dropped.  Because the setup is so simple and fast.



  1. It is cheaper than most of the similar product.
  2. It is easy to setup, very fast to detect your Air-con.
  3. It works with Alexa.

No need to say anymore.  My jaw dropped.  So, we have a clear winner.

But one thing Sensibo cannot do is to measure the room temperature.  So, I like it is super fast.  But this gadget has one less function which I can live with.  So what If I dont know what is the current temperature set to.







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