Jay’s SST Graduation Day Video of class S04-02

Date: Sep 30, 2022

I made a video and place all the photos I captured here in this video for Jay Jay. Have Fun!

Here are the video. [5:35] where Jay comes out.

Jay’s SST Graduation Day Video of class S04-04

We are happy with what Jay has come to be.

Here are some of the things to remember for his 4-years in secondary school @ SST.

  • No/zero tuition for any academic subject. Only enrichment are badminton, coding as well as taekwondo.
  • No parents involvement in selecting his higher educations. He is accepted to go into Singapore Poly studying Electrical Eletronics Engineering. So, he did it all himself.
  • With no tuition, he scored B4 for his O-level Chinese. Bravo.
  • Peer support leader, hence earn 2 points.
  • Did quite well in Electronic, Computer & Physics, i.e. A1-A1-A2.
  • Adorable, happy, socialable, self-independent, self-motivated, etc. Expert in 3D printing, fixing things, etc.

All the best in the next 3 years of Singapore Poly life!!! Bravo, Jay.

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