Good Bye 5676 and Welcome 2808

Date: Aug 11, 2023

Today I have say good bye to my white S90 (2017 model). 再见小白. You have serve me well since 2018 until now.

And I have decided to change the car number too. I have been using 5676 for so many years.

It is time to let go. And I bid the same number as my home. i.e. 2808. so my mom can have 1 lesser number to buy 4D. I also ditch the white color. I have been driving white color for so many years!

Say Hello to my new Volvo S90 Ultimate B5. It is the latest model, year 2024 model. I think it should be good enough for my next 6 years driving. 小蓝您好!

Cool! I will enjoy driving you.

Reason to ditch the white car, because it is almost 6 years. The government impose some new tax next year, so to avoid paying extra 15k for some tax, I decided to change it now.

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