Alexa, Please Help!

Date:  July 25, 2017

Jay Jay was doing his math homework.  And I overheard he said, “Rabbit has 2 legs, and Chicken has 2 legs…”

Then, I walked to him and asked what is he doing?

He then show me his math questions.  So, I asked “How many legs does a rabbit has?”  He still says 2.  Because most of the time, he see Bugs Bunny “standing” with 2 legs and using his “hand” holding the carrot.  Hahaha…

So, I argued..

  1. This sort of math questions, if both subject has 2 legs, why bother to ask?  So, it has to be “different” number of legs for both subjects.
  2. Rabbit has 4 legs.


Ok.  Then, we come to Alexa to here is what Alexa have to say.  Hahahaha…

It turns out that I was right.

Jay then accept the facts that Rabbit has 4 legs.  Because Alexa says so.


So, now you know how Alexa helps us do our homework at home.  Of course, it will not answer all the questions from the school.  But at least, I taught him today how to use logic.  hahaha

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