Our Private Minecraft Server

Date:  July 25, 2017

I still think that the invention of low-cost Raspberry Pi is one of the best thing happened in the world.

What can you do with it?

Well, why not running your own private Minecraft Server.  You can do whatever you want to your own server.

And it is also a good opportunity for Jay to pick up how to do so.


I asked him to follow the instructions given in the following URL.  So, we are going to install it on his Raspberry Pi.  As shown in the picture, the Raspberry Pi is mounted behind the 7″ monitor.


The instructions are very simple, and very clear.

Now, why Nukkit?  Not Bukkit, or Spigot, or others.  Nukkit is a light weight server specially designed and optimised for MineCraft Pocket Edition (the PE version found from iPhone and iPad).

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 11.33.11 PM.png

For kids as young as Jay, you just need to explain to him, step by step, why he need to perform this and that.  Like, why you need to update the Raspberry Pi OS, and relates it back to iPhone’s IOS update.  Same concept.  To get new servers.  Why need to run Java?  Because it is cross platform, etc…

After you have install the Nukkit.jar, you can run the server.


Then, all the kids including me (yeah… me also kid) at home can connect to this private server.


As admin user, you can install a lot of cool plugins and start to make your Minecraft game even more fun!


Look at my residence within the Minecraft World.  The one with Lava bricks and colorful bricks.  And a “Love” statue beside my house.


The Friday Playdates Minecraft gang.



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