Nintendo Switch – Mario Kart 8

Date:  July 28, 2017

Let’s not talk about Retro gaming console, such as Raspberry Pi’s RetroPie or Recalbox.  Those games are for people like me born in the 70’s until 90’s.  I will write another blog on that topic soon.

A friend asked me, out of the branded gaming console, namely Xbox One, Sony Playstation 4 & Nintendo Switch, what is the best for kids age 7-12.  My answer to my friend is “Nintendo Switch”.


Here is my simple reason.  Nintendo is quite successful with Nintendo Wii.  For playing simple games with the Wii Control is just perfect.  Remember those days you spend so much muscles strength to throw the bowling balls?  When you get sore arms?  That is the feeling kids should really feel.  So, this Nintendo Switch should deliver such effect.

I know Xbox and Playstation has much nicer graphics, and it is much more pretty.  In my opinions, most of the games are also quite sophisticated.  And there are a lot of guns and bullets too which I don’t really like it.

I love playing games together.  I meant physically playing together using 4 controls.  They talk, they press press press, they smile, they laugh.

Of course, Sony and Microsoft also achieved those.


But Nintendo, in my opinion trying to do something different.

Yes, it is portable.  You can bring it around anywhere and play.  This is cool.

This actually bridge closer to compete with the iPads or other touchpads or iPhone/smart phones.

Those games on the iPhones/iPads aren’t too bad.  But something is missing.  Trying to play “Street Fighters” on the iPhones/iPads are very different.  The physical joystick and buttons are missing.  Sometimes, you really need those.


If you don’t like to hold it in your hand like this, then, you can  detached the joycon and attached it this way below and wala.. you have a gamepad to play and a separate screen.  By doing so, you can also make it to multiplayer mode.  And it’s PORTABLE.  You can bring it everywhere you like.


They even have a kick stand for you.


And you can dock your Nintendo Switch in the docking system that connects HDMI to your big screen TV.


And it becomes a TV gaming console.  4 players are playing this game at the same time, and the TV screen is splitted into four sections.


The game titles are slowly increasing.  And Nintendo do have a lot of family friendly titles.  I am playing “I am Setsuna” RPG game at the moment.  And it is quite addictive.


And the kids today playing Mario Kart 8.  And it is also addictive.


And it is a 4 player games.  You can join the grandprix, you can battle each other, or you can Race against each other.  You can play 1-4 players.


It is a fun game.

Generates lots of laughters.


Usually they will ask to play Minecraft on iPads.  But today, they just sit on the couch and enjoy the game.

It is also different from the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming devices too.  As the screen is very good.


So now If you ask me what to buy, I will recommend this.


Of course, I also have Xbox 360.  I think the video cam sensing is quite unique too.


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