Taekwondo Poom Belt Chater 3 Chapter Assessment for Jay Jay

Date:  Aug 24, 2015

Yesterday was Jay’s Poom Belt Chapter Assessment grading for his chapter 3 patterns.

As usual, the very confident Jay Jay learned all these patterns on his own, and we have no ideal what he has been learning!

IMG 8662

The owner of J.H Kim Taekwondo School is a person who really knows how to do marketing and capture parents’ heart.

For the first time ever, the head master Rivas allowed the parents to witness how their kids took the poom belt chapter assessment.

There are 18 of them made it to the Chapter 3 assessment.  Seems like the number is dropping, that is why no wonder, he wants the parents to appreciate more what their children is learning and hopefully keep the child interests in learning Taekwondo more prolong.

IMG 8667

 They sure do a lot a lot of warm up.  This includes those normal stretching exercises.

It also includes almost 10+ different kicking exercise.

Like what I say every time, I want Jay Jay to keep fit, and this Taekwondo lesson are one of the high fat burner exercise for him.

Hopefully in future, when he faced with bad guys, he knows how to kick like this.

I didn’t know he can jump so high.

IMG 8690

He actually jump high enough to create the good kicking power.  But I guess later, when he choose his punch to break the board instead of kicking shows he lacks a bit of confident in this kicking as well as the fear of feeling pain kicking the board.  HaHaHaHa…

This is the first test of the day.  Be able to perform chapter 3 poomsae (pattern).  8 months later, when he takes the 2nd Poom, he will need to know all the four chapters.

IMG 8705

No problem at all.

The next test is the sparring.  Three rounds.  Here is round 1.

It is kind of fun to look at these non-contact sparing.  Look at how Jay Jay quickly evade a kick and the return another kick to opponent.  Quite cool.

IMG 8761 IMG 8762 IMG 8763 IMG 8764

This is round 2.  A different opponent.

IMG 8776

Looks like they are hitting or kicking each other, but they aren’t.  Cool!

In fact, I had a lot of fun watching this.  

IMG 8803

Third match.

Another high kick.

IMG 8853

Back Thrust.  But where is the oppnent? hahaha

IMG 8876

Third test.  To break the board.  oh.. no… break 2 boards.

And after competed all three assessment, they got a nice certificate to prove that they completed this stage.

After half an hour of hard work.  He finally got his certificate.

IMG 8893  1

Well done Jay Jay.

IMG 8894

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