Gadgets: Golf Swing Training Aid

Date:  Aug 31, 2013

It is called a Water Swing. 

IMG 6660

It consist of the water bottle and the handle.

So, you fill water into the bottle to the weight that you like.  For example, my iron is 675g.  Then, you just fill into the 675g marker there.  Then, you have a 675g iron.

IMG 6657

With the correct tempo, and the correct swing speed, you will hear how the water flow from the top to the bottom (impact) and back to the top again.  

Screen Shot 2013 09 01 at 8 15 06 AM

Jay Jay in action.  So, when you swing the up swing cannot be too fast.  


You actually can feel the water flow.  

If you need to build up your muscle memory, then, you can do so with this.  If you need to increase your power, then, you put more water make it heavier.  🙂


I got this from Taobao too.


Next, it is a little gadget called Tic Tok Swing – The Constant Weight Trainer.

IMG 6670

OK, it does the same thing as the Water Swing Trainer.

IMG 6671

It comes with a grip.

IMG 6679

Let’s see how Jay Jay use this.  Listen carefully to the Tik Tok sound.  


So, you can use all these indoor no problem.  When you wake up, swing a few times, before you sleep swing a few times, slowly and hopefully the muscle memory kicks in and the muscle power up too.  

Screen Shot 2013 09 01 at 8 25 59 AM

Let’s see how do I do?


From Taobao as well.



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