Gadgets: Putting Mat

Date:  Aug 31, 2013

In this home, now my son and my wife starting to learn golf also.  Actually my wife knew how to play since 13 years ago, and she has stopped playing for 7 years.

As I said, you have more people playing golf at home, it will be easier for me to justify things like this at home.  HaHaHaHaHa (got excuses to buy).

This is Mr. Golf Putting Mat from Korea.  This is how long the mat is.  Most of the putting mat is usually 1m mat.

There is no hole, but it is a half circle putting bell.  Your am is to hit into the bell and then stop before the yellow stopper.

IMG 6683

The putting mat can be kept into a bag for storage.

IMG 6681

I bought this also so that we can always practise the 1m to 3m short putt.  (Of course on the flat carpet/mat).  If you want to, you can can put some slop underneath and practise the slop.  

IMG 6687

So, Jay Jay loves to putt.  And this is what putting all about.

IMG 6689

Let’s see how Jay Jay putt.  See.  So hard.  And the direction is way off.  Now, he has a new purpose to learn putting.  HaHaHa.


I bought it from Taobao.  I did not see it anywhere in all the golf shops in Singapore.  So, I have to shop online to buy this.  As I said, now I got 3 people at home playing golf, so, it is a good investment.  HaHaHaHaHa.

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