What Water Phobia?

Date:  Aug 31, 2013

Who say aqua phobia is hard to get rid of?  It just need more time and patient, and some good thinking.

This is Kay Kay 2nd swimming lesson.  And this week, he jumped into the water more often.  And Thanks to the “Noodle” swimming float.  


Every kids loves water.

Jay Jay did not have Badminton lesson today so, he got the chance to come and swim together with Mr. Kay.


The weather is great!  So, I also jump into the water to encourage my younger son.


The new weapon is called “Noodle”.  Kay Kay seems very comfortable on the Noodle.  Comparing to the swimming board which is much bigger and longer and harder to hold.


You can see how happy he is.  And he is really learning how to kick this week.  

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/1vjsnqVq-9c

Swimming cannot be rushed.  Especially for those kids with Aqua phobia.  Kay Kay used to loves water a lot.  Until one day, I think he drinks some swimming pool water, and I can’t remember how he drank it.  Ever since then, for 1.5 years he has been very cautious when he walk on the swimming pool.  He will always wanted to play in the shallow pool, and very carefully. 

So, you really need a lot of patient in this.  We made him promise to swim after he turned 4.  When he is matured at 4, he slowly learn how to swim.


When the brother Jay Jay is around, Kay Kay can watch him swim.  And this is the encouragement he needs.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/8Mnept0VtvQ

Bravo Kay Kay.  You have done it!  


Jay Jay doing his diving.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/jthJ-Qhbmxo

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