Throw Away Milk Bottle Ceremony

Date:  Aug 24, 2013

When you are 4 years old.  It is indeed a very big deal.

First, you start to learn swimming.

Then, now this.

IMG 6521

Yes.  I (Kay Kay) am throwing away my milk bottle.

IMG 6522

Parents, if you want to use this tactic.  Please do not throw away the milk bottle yourself, you must make your son or daughter do it himself or herself HAPPILY and WILLINGLY. 

We have been practising this since a year ago.  From time to time, we reminded him, and make him promise.  We 勾勾 finger.  

Kay Kay:  Bye bye bottle.  Thank you for accompany me for the past 3 years.

IMG 6523

Make sure he throw the bottle into the recycle bin (or dustbin).

IMG 6525

Each bottle he threw away, make sure he do a V for Victory sign.

“YEAH!  I am 4 years old!”

IMG 6526

Here goes bottle #2.  Bye Bye bottle.  Thank you.  (Make sure there is NO “see you” or “see you again!”) hahaha.

IMG 6527

 To complete the ceremony.  Ask him why he threw away the milk bottle.  This will be the final firm commitment for getting rid of his milk bottle.  HaHaHaHa


So, no more milk bottle, then how?

IMG 6533

Drink packet milk.  This is his favourite packet milk.

Parents, one last thing.  You have to start training them to drink from Packet milk earlier.  So you can let them drink packet milk in day time, and still maintain milk bottle at night time.  But after 4 years old, he has to go thru the “Throw Away Milk Bottle Ceremony”.

IMG 6534

YEAH!  I am 4 years old.  And I no longer drinking from my milk bottle from now on.  YEAH.  Because I have no more milk bottle.

Because I threw away the milk bottle myself when I am 4 years old.  YEAH!

IMG 6536

Son, we are very proud of you.  Good job Kay Kay!

Next will be the pampers.  That one will be harder, but let’s make it 1 year later.  At 5 years old when his bladder is bigger to hold more before we ask him to dropped the pampers.  If necessary, 6 years old.  I believe Jay Jay drop the pampers when he is 6 years old.

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