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Date: Aug 24, 2013

This year, one of my resolution is to hit 100 and below in golf game.

I have been to the golf range much often now, and my son is also learning, so let’s make it a father and son learning experience.

So far, my golf balls are flying when hitting driver or iron shot. But I am still playing 80% 3 putts and above.

So, if I can have a consistent 2 putts and below, then I should be able to meet my target this year!






















So, I bought this from













It’s called “Puttist Digital Putting Trainer”













It comes with a digital sensor that can measure your putting strength and estimate your putting distance.













This is the putting mat.






















There even provide this for you to clip it to the carpet.






















I comes with a charger to charge your sensor battery.






















They even give you a Singapore adapter to put make sure you can use it in any Singapore plug.






















Ok. You will always need to hit from a fixed distance. And you hit a real golf ball into the sensor. But the problem is how you know roughly how far is 3m, 6m or even 9m and so on.

Not to worry. They give you this.






















So, you stick this on your wall. And you can see at your eye level how the hole size should look like for 3m, 6m and 9m and so on. (See three picture below)






















The digital sensor can let you practice with Game settings. For example, this one is the 369, where you suppose to hit 3 times at 3m, 6m and 9m and see how consistent you are.






















So, my first try. Wow! My strength should bring the ball to 5.67 meter.






















Here is another good look at the ball hole size. So, the trick is, you hit 10,000 and each time look at the ball hole size, your memory will keep that info permanent some what.






















There are marker on the ground to make sure when you practice and it always match with both side distance marker for that pendulum action.






















Even my wife try it and have fun too. Her resolution is to get a handicap card so that he can play with his son and husband. Haha






















After many putting swings, finally I got a score by hitting between 3-3.5m for the 3 meter putt. Cool.






















I love this instruction Manual. Read it. Click the image to enlarge it to read it! Here are some of the summary.

1. First you must realize putting can be 50% of your total score in a game. So if you can do well in putting, then you should have no problem playing below 100.

2. When you use a Driver to drive 200 meter and if you use putter to hit a 1m putt. Both are the same and it is considered 1 stroke.

3. Speed and distance of your putt is 4 times or many times more important than your direction. Get the ball near.

4. You need to practice a putt or any shot 10,000 times in order to master it. Hmm… This is the same as what I have learn from the book “Outliers”, you need to practice 10,000 hours to master or become a professional in 10 years.

5. If you practice 100 strokes per day and 100 days later you have 10,000 strokes and your putting sure will improve.

6. Always putt the ball to pass the hole and within 1-2 meter around the hole.






















Ii love this! A short putt is a failed putt. If you think about it, why?

f you putt longer, them you can see the path after the hole and try to correct it.

If you putt short, then you will not know what is the path ahead you.

So, always putt longer and near the hole.













Lets make it a habit to putt every day, practice 100 strokes a day and see whether will it improve it not.

Will update more after a few games.

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