Kay Kay First Swimming Lesson

Date: Aug 24, 2013

Always take advantage when your kid celebrate his birthday. It is very powerful and persuasive.

(A year ago)

Daddy: Kay Kay when are you going to learn swimming?

Kay Kay: When I am 4 years old.

(Few days ago)

Daddy: Happy Birthday Kay Kay. You are now 4 years old. So you go learn swimming from Uncle Soh ya? (Swimming coach at our condo)

Kay Kay: Err… But…

Daddy: No Er… No But! And here we are, every Saturday morning 10:30am…

Kay Kay officially will be learning swimming! Yeah!













Not going to be easy, we foresee…













He is now happy kicking the water, later see how…













Uncle Soh: Ok, into the water… Kay Kay: no… Uh.. No (about to cry)

















Mommy: ok. Three micro drifter. (Small toy cars) Mommy negotiating.













Daddy: Put your board in front of you. Use both hands and bran the board. Straighten your hands. And start kicking.

Eh? No danger? So he kicked hard.

















Uncle Soh: Why are you swimming towards this direction? You want to swim to car park?











Kay Kay laughed. So slowly they turn around… With a bit of anxiety… He kicked the water…













Eh? No danger yet. Keep kicking!











Wow. This is fun.











Yeah! He made it. Wait? He wondered “Where am I?). Wow! You are at the 2m side.











Ok. Uncle Soh offers return journey on his back. Kay Kay you must continue kicking the water.

Ok? Like that he swim a total of three rounds and each time he gets more comfortable.











Later, you can see what he discovered on his own… If I straighten my feet and relax a bit… What will happen to me?













Wow! I am floating!!! So, this is his first ever swimming class and I think he is quite ok with it now. The phobia will soon be gone in no time.













Kay Kay: Mommy, I want to go Phuket. Mommy: why?

Kay Kay: because my friend go to Phuket beach and there is a lot of sea shells.

Mommy: ok!

















Below Here are some of the YouTube video links for today swimming lesson.

Great Job Kay Kay! Daddy & Mommy is very proud of you!

video #1 – Kay Kay First Day of Swimming Lesson…(video)

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/yYofZuTvC44

video #2 – He is still a bit afraid of the water… So you have to comfort him to let him simulate swimming at the side…

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/EVMEYGnzrjE

video #3 – Of course you need to add in some element of fun. Oh.. You kick water and splash uncle Soh. Later uncle Soh come and catch you! Haha

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/q6niFqpIJtA

video #4 – This is the last swim towards the 2m side. And as you can see, with a bit of fun and joke, Kay Kay starting to get comfortable with it.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/INRPB0Go0Ds

video #5 – Kay must be very tired. So uncle Soh offers him to ride on his back. And Uncle Soh have to swim with Kay Kay on his back. Thanks!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/y5VBxO5KRf4

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