Lego Robotics – Nice Game

Date:  Feb 11, 2017

Long time never step into the class room to see what’s the kids up to.

Jay has been taking Lego Robotics classes since P1 @ WondersWork at Liang Court.

Let’s check out his this week project.

From outside I have no idea what is he building.  We thought it is a musical notes reader of something similar to that.


Teacher Enzo said it is some game like Space Invader.

So, there are something on the conveyer belt.  The belt keep moving, and you can move the remote control to go left or right.

At first I thought it is a Space Invader game where you need to shoot those asteroids.


Lots of codes to be written to make it work.


Oh, after I understand the mechanics, it is a X-Wing Pilot game instead.

So, the purpose is to navigate your space ship to avoid hitting those rocks or asteroids on the “conveyer belt”.

Of course, Kay Kay after finished their project, he will come to the “senior” student side to kacau.  So, he purposely changed the speed of the conveyer belt to very high no.  So that they have to fly their space ship without hitting the asteroids.

Teacher Enzo will give them the task, then, they will have to build the model, and write the codes so that it work.  I think now is no longer “spoon feed” era.


Jay Jay demo how to play this game.

I am glad that I sent both boys to Robotics.  So to make them grow interest in engineering.

For the last 4 plus years, WonderWork has managed to give them different projects.  Not a single repeats.

Lego Mindstorm is a great tool for kids to learn.



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