I Guess I Still Think Like A Chinese

Date:  Feb 10, 2017

That day, we booked a room in this fantastic French restaurant in town for our small company gathering.

The presentations of the food is lovely.


Look at this Pita bread thingy… it looks amazing, it looks just like a cushion.

Some pork lard thingy… to spread on your bread…


This dish has real Gold on it… yeap, those are real gold.  Won’t harm your body.


You know la, eat in this kind of French restaurant is unlink those where you eat the French steaks, every dish is well decorated. It is the taste that matter.


Even this beet roots dish is quite nice in the combination of taste.  3 different beet roots.

Oh, ya, I asked lots of funny questions that day.

So, I asked the waiter there, why they present the food in a big plate but all food are on one side.  He simply said that “so that you can focus more on the food”. ? ? ? ?


Here come our smoke eggs.  Looks grand…

And the end products.  The organic eggs is really nice.  pair with the bacon bits, nice.


So, after don’t know how many dishes, we finally see this.

I guess I am still a Chinese.

So, my thinking at that time was joy and happy.

I told the waiter, “WOW!!!!! FINALLY, the REAL food comes!!!!”

We see two big duck was presented in a pot.

Finally, real food.


After 10-15 minutes later, they finally serve the duck.

OK.  Hold on now.  My brain flicked back to the previous image and previous impression of the 2x ducks we saw in the pot.

Then, this, a piece of duck breast meet.

and then, I look around, 9 person in the table.

So, I added up the 9x pieces of ducks.

Then, I flicked back to the 2 ducks in the pot image.


Wait a minute.  This does not add up.

So, I asked innocently to the waiter, “Err… Where are the rest of the duck?”

Every one laugh.

“Ken, the French restaurant don’t do the 3 dishes for the duck.”

“Ya, but what do they do to the rest of the duck?”

Then, the waiter said, “may be the bones to cook the soup, etc”

OK.  I got my answer.  “lim, lim, lim jiu!”


I actually have all the expectation for this restaurant.

Everything is great.  Until they show me those 2x ducks in a pot.

Then, my expectation went wild “Real Food”… wow, I am impressed.

Then, when I see my plate, “where is my duck?”  “where is the rest of the duck?”


So, my opinion is, they should have “hide” the duck.  There is no need to show us that.

They did not consider the psychological effect when they present the duck.

This is like, the seafood restaurant show you a big huge crab with their clamps.

Then, when they serve the dish, all the legs and clamps were missing.

When you ask them where is the clamps?  “Oh, we use it to cook the broth”.

Get what I mean?

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Just for a laugh.  But fun!

Here comes the dessert.


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