A Simple Nasi Lemak

Date: Sep 12, 2022

Why do I love Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak?

First thing, nasi lemak has to be very simple!

Rice, eggs, Sambal, kacang (peanuts) & ikan bilis (anchovies). Some time you can add a chicken too.

Oh, how I missed Malaysia Chickens. For thos who missed the news, Malaysia banned export of its chickens to Singapore. It has been few weeks I did not had a good decent chicken until I drove down to Malaysia. I stopped at Yong Peng stopover here. Just had a nasi from one of the stall.

Look at this fat fat fatty chicken. The fats under the very very crispy chicken skin. This is a good chicken.

Do you see the coconut rice, very nice rice.

And the sambal, not overcooked or burnt sambal. This is a real nasi lemak sambal. Very nice.

Sometimes, you see road side got people stopped their vehicle and buy the nasi lemak. Those are good too. May be RM 2-3. Very nice indeed.

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