Bangkok Good Food – Suckling Pig & Dried Mee Siam

Date: July 6, 2022

Definitely you want to try these mouth watering suckling pig. I was told after Pandemic, the price has raised to 1200baht (about SGD$47).

My tour guide friend Khun Thomas brought us here. (If you want to arrange any golf trip or family trip, he is the guy I used for many years. He is a Singaporean but after staying in Bangkok for 20 years he is like a local Thai. He can be contacted at +66 81-849-7738)

Today he recommend us this Suckling Pig. yes, those suckling pig I am point at.

The name of the restaurant is Moohun Song Phi Nong. It is easily found on Google Map. It is very close to town area and about 20min ride from our hotel at MBK Centre.

Look at those yummy suckling pig. In singapore you usually need to pre-order it and may cost up to SGD$150. The suckling pig is a bit different from Singapore one. Singapore one can get very sizzling crispy suckling pig skin. I was told the style they make here is closer to Hong Kong style. Still crispy but not so crispy as some of the one offered in Singapore.

This is one whole pig. (Funny cannot find the pig head). Cost 1200baht.

It comes with two sauce. One is the sweet sauce and the other is the traditional Thai Chilli sauce. IMHO just dip the suckling pig with the Thai Chilli sauce, the combination of the umami is nice. I love it.

Look at where it is cooked from. Hello suckling pig!!!

From the same restaurant they offered this dried mee Siam. Very tasty haybee (dried shrimp) and lots of Thai Chilli padi. Taste quite quite unique and nice.

The river shrimp suppose to be good but I think they over cook a little. Shrimp is still fresh and sweet but a bit dry and hard due to overcook.

We cannot resist the temptation to order this braised duck noodles. But I don’t quite like it. It tasted too artificial or rubbery.

We also have a plate of morning glory kind of veggie. That one is a killer. I ran out of battery so did not take that photo of that dish. But as soon as I put the veggie in my mouth the next thing I look for is my beer. So spicy due to the camouflage of green small Chilli padi.

We also order a fish maw soup. Looks not so appetizing but we only want to taste the fish maw which is nice.

And that conclude our simple dinner at a local eatery. The suckling pig. I enjoyed it!

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