ZalTV.apk – The Only App you need on your Sony Android TV

Date:  August 31, 2019

Happy National Day for Malaysians.

Today, let’s talk about this Android OS app – ZalTV.apk.

You can actually download from the Google Play Store.

You don’t have to pay anything for the download.  But when you run the app, the first screen you will see is they ask for an activation code.  (The photo below is that activation screen).  The price to activate this app is US$3.65/year.  Yeap, they are selling for US$0.01 per day.

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 10.49.06 AM.png

So, here’s the thing.  When you first download this, you don’t exactly know what is it.  When it ask for activation code, then, you dumped the apk and never turn it on again.

I remember I downloaded it long time ago, but didn’t get to know what is this app about.

It is actually the most powerful IPTV or Live TV app you can find nowadays.  And it is smooth for most of the channels and in HD high quality.  Please see my disclaimer notes at the end of this blog entry for more info.  🙂

But, let’s show you some video shots of what I have taken today.  Then, you know what is it and why I said it is very good.

Just look at the channels.  From Singapore, Malaysia to Indonesia channels.  And When I said Indonesia, means, Jakarta, Surabaya, Kalimantan those local area TV network.  Then, to Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and its provinces.  Then, the US channels, Kids Channels, Sport Channels, Europe each country channels, Russians, Turkey, Americans, South America countries, Africa countries, Middle East, etc etc.  It is about the whole world channels.

Sometimes I have nothing to do, I just go into those country and learn their languages, see their people, watch their news.  Hahahahaha

Let’s take a look at the Singapore and Malaysia channels.  It has all the Singapore FTA channels as well as the Astro Channel.

Wow, Malaysia National Day is on RTM1.

Now, did you notice the speed of changing channels?  It is fast, right. (depend on your ISP Internet peering).

Perhaps the most important channel is the Channel News Asia here.

They have thousands of channels.  So, don’t expect ALL channels will be good.

Here are the Hong Kong channels and Taiwanese channels.  You notice some channels is not working or slow.  But majority still works.

Here are the Sport Channels.  All sort of sports.

The US channels.  Let’s say you cannot find the US Open, so, you can come to each US territory to find.  Some local channel with carry US Open tennis.  Or you can go Thailand, or Vietnam if you don’t mind the language.  Or even China.  Or France or Germany.

There are so many channels.  So, it is best to make your own favourite list.  By holding the enter button and you can add that particular channel into the Favourite list.  Or if you want to you can remember the channel number.  For example, 1479 for USA Network TV.

Here are the setting page.  If you think your Internet is slower, and you want to give a boost to its buffer you can do it here.


Now, here comes the disclaimers and some other final comments.

  1. I have a Sony Android TV.  So, I downloaded the app straight from the Google Play Store.  And it is installed on my Sony 75″ Android TV.  Now, one TV, one remote control, I can see TV channels from all over the world.  Isn’t it great?
  2. Once you have an activation code, you can use it on many machines.  It is US$3.65 for a year worth of Live TV watching of the entire world.  Please pay your own la.
  3. IP TV uses layer 3 IP, a.k.a Internet.  It is not cable TV – a broadcasting technology.  So, if your ISP has down time, your ZalTV.apk will not work.  If your ZalTV is slow it could mean your ISP does not have the IP peering to get to ZalTV servers fast enough.  So, if it does not work, means, it does not work. So, everything is depending on your Internet.
  4. Now, if your TV or your TV media Box is running on Wireless, then, sometime it can be slow due to Wireless nature.  May be too many Wifi Signal channel in the area, may be too far away, etc etc.
  5. I can tell you what I have.  My Sony Android TV is hard wired to a Ethernet Cable directly to my switch and router.  My ISP provider is ViewQwest.  Here is my speed test result from any Ethernet Port in my house.  And I am downloading “Doctor X” season 3, 4 and 5 simultaneously via Torrent when I did this test.  I don’t use WiFi for my Live TV.Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 11.33.30 AM.pngWhen I did the speedtest, I was downloading some Japanese TV series too.Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 11.33.44 AM.png
  6. Don’t ask me if it works on TM Unify, SingTel, Starhub, or M1, as I won’t know.  Because my home only has the ISP I subscribed to.
  7. I only wanted to share out good app that I think it is good.  It is all based on my opinion.
  8. Lastly, at my home, I have no MIO TV or Starhub TV.  I have already successfullly cut the cords.  My Sony TV does have Antenna to received all the free to air channels.  I got my own NAS that has shows I like.  I have Apple TV.  And now I have ZalTV.


Tips:  It won’t hurt to search on Google for ZalTV activation code.  Select “Images” and who knows you might find something nice on Google search results.  Wahahahaha

Enjoy the power of ZalTV!

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