Urban Farmer – Our Organic Bananas

Date:  Feb 4, 2017

We planted this a 1-2 years ago.  This is the banana we grew in our Condo’s herb garden.

And we use the seeds from the banana in Setiawan hometown.


The birds started to come and eat the banana.  That is when we know it is ready to be eaten.


Yeah!  We have banana to eat.


Yeap!  Every one is happy!  Excited about the banana.  This is the second harvests of the bananas from downstairs.


Have not been cutting a banana from the trees for ages.  I used to do it when I was young and stayed in my mom’s place.

Our latest harvesting.  The banana grown in our Condo herbs garden.


OK, exactly how big is this banana?

Yeap, that’s Jay’s hand and mommy’s hand.

It’s that big.


Now, we need to process the banana.


It is indeed, very heavy.


Done!  That’s is the bananas supplies for the next few weeks.  But first we need also to distribute out to some of other condo stake holders.  hahaha


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