Gadget Notes – Apple AirPods

Date:  Feb 2, 2017

Apple always ship with very good quality head phone.

But this time, they have gone too much!  The changed the connection to lightning connectors.


I don’t like the head phone with lightning connector.  Because it is located at the centre, and it is at a very awkward position.

And imagine you have this.  A Lightning Thumb drive.  And you have stored your music, audiobooks, movies onto it.  And you cannot use the headphone with the lightning connector and the thumb drive with the lightning connector at the same time!!! hahaha

So, after thinking… very hard, I gave myself a good reason to buy Apple’s AirPods.


After waiting patiently for 6 weeks, I finally received my AirPods.


After I opened the box, my jaws dropped.

It is so easy to connect to the iPhone, iPad, or iMac.  Simply just put the AirPods near the iPhone, and open the cover.

Almost instantly, this pop out.  And your AirPods is connected immediately.

If you move near to another iPhone, then, it is automatically connected to that iPhone.

So, it has to be close proximity.  As you can see from the above video.

Now, if you move closer to your iMac or Macbook, simply look at the volume control, you will see that AirPods option will pop out as soon as you open the container cover.  hahaha Very cool.

The AirPods itself has battery.  And the container also have battery, and it can charge your AirPods when they are placed back into the container.


Instruction is very simple.  Just open the case / container.

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 7.09.37 PM.png

Somehow the AirPods fits nicely.  And if you adjust it downwards, it somehow locked onto your ears.


And because they are so light, and they are not connected together with a wire.  So, it safely hang on to your ears.  Even I jump up and down, it will to drop.



It is amazing.  This is the casing or the container.  Which is also a battery.


The AirPods are magnetically hold inside the casing.


Once it is placed half way, the magnet will do its jump and suck the AirPods in and secure it magnetically.

Very innovative design.

Very good design.  Tomorrow I will bring you out to walk walk.


And the surface is touch sensitive.  Double tap on it will bring up Siri.

OK.  Siri is a crap.  But it will response to “Siri, play my playlist”, “read my book”.. etc.



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