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Date:  May 4, 2015

“May the 4th be with you!”

Last week, I posted a very interesting method of learning Chinese.

Last week article.  http://miniliew.blogspot.sg/2015/04/date-apr-26-2015-i-would-love-that-my.html

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This week, I wanted to tell you why it is useful.  It was meant for Oral test and reading.  

But today I find that it is useful for doing Chinese Composition Writings too.

Students are allowed to bring electronic dictionary into the class to take the Chinese paper 1.  Which is Chinese Composition writing.

If you don’t know how to write the words or phrases, don’t worry, simply type the Han Yu Pin Yin will do.

For example “Zhi Dao” is ”知道“.

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Even they are not sure about the correct Han Yu Pin Yin, they can simply type “zd”, which is the first alphabet for Zhi and the first alphabet of Dao.  And then, you just scroll to the words you want. 

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But how does the kid know how to read the words they wanted to write?  So that they can key in the Han Yu Pin Yin?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way.  You have to READ MORE and LEARN MORE.

The more you read, the more that you will learn and use the Chinese words.  If you seldom read, then, you will definitely don’t know how to search and write.

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I started to use this Oral test assessment book.

IMG 2030

Inside has 15 passages.  This is one of them.

IMG 2029

Next, I start to read the story books.  

IMG 2032

I would say these story books has about 75% of the vacabs that Jay knows how to read.  There are 25% still he does not know how to pronounce.

IMG 2033

So, what I did is to record down my voice reading the story.

IMG 2034

Then, every morning or day, I will ask him to listen to the recording and eyes look at the passage.  Read it inside his mind, not reading out loud.  

IMG 2037

The more he read the books, the more he will hear my voice.  It is also a very familiar voice.  So, it felt natural for him to read the story book this way.

It is kind of like an audiobook.  🙂  Here is the sample of my voice.  hahahaha

So, the more he read, the more he understand the usage of the the Chinese words and sentences.

The more he read, the more he will remember.

Usually, takes about 5-7 days to read one passage or a story.

There will be a lot of words he had not seen before.

But because he is reading it, he remember it subconsciously.

Because he remember how it was pronounce, he is able to tell what is the Han Yu Pin Yin.

Because he has seen the words before, when he key the Han Yu Pin Yin, he is able to select the correct words and learn how to write them.

So far the result has been good.

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Lastly, I want to share with you this passage.  Telling why we need to teach our kids to read.

IMG 2035

Don’t worry, it not only apply to Mommy, also apply to Daddy.

IMG 2036

Confident look, confident writing.  May the force be with you.

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