Portable Badminton Net for Kids

Date:  March 17, 2014

Sometimes when you want to play badminton, and you can’t book a court right away.  Then, how?

But most of the times you know that the badminton court must be booked 2 weeks in advance or 1 month in advance than got space.

If you go down stairs and play, there is no NET.  So, how?

Look at what I bought from Taobao this time.

The Portable Badminton Net.

IMG 1723 

Yup!  You can build a net from this kid.  This compartment also big enough to place in two badminton racquets.

IMG 1724

Within 2-3 minutes you can easily assemble the badminton net.

IMG 1726

The two yellow stick is extendible.  And simply lock it in both side.

IMG 1727 

Press to unlock and adjust the height of the stick.

IMG 1730

Easily slot in the net.  And that’s it!

IMG 1731

It is portable.  And it is about 3KG to 4KG light that nia.  Yes, that light.

IMG 1733

I bought it from Taobao.  And I did not see this sort of things in Singapore.

It is on promotion, so, RMB198.  That is roughly about S$40. 

Screen Shot 2014 03 17 at 6 34 18 pm

Click here to go to the Taobao site:  


OK.  Let’s use it now and see if it is good.

IMG 1736

Quite Cool.  We played badminton for almost 1 hour.  And this net is GOOD.

Playing downstairs is different with the net now.

Any time I want to play with Jay Jay and give him drills, then, simply bring down the net with me.

IMG 1740

I love this product!  COOL!

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