Tamiya Car Racer

Date:  Mar 17, 2014

After their Art Boot Camp class, we found out that there is a Tamiya Car Race down at the first floor.

Jay does not have a Golf lesson today to go to, and we decided to skip Kay’s taekwondo lesson too.

IMG 1541

So, we stay back at the ARC to watch this.  It is a free car race.  Wahaha

IMG 1511

The kids love it!

IMG 1569

All these are much bigger car.

IMG 1574

It is about the same size as the drifter their mommy bought for them from Radio Shack.

IMG 1658

Wow.  These car really can go very fast!

Oh, there are girls playing this game too.  The little girl has a pink Hello Kitty sport car.

IMG 1575

Don’t play play.  If you walk behind the bench and take a look at what they are doing…

Wow, I am very sure it will pops both of your eyes.

They have “sophisticated” electronic equipment to measure battery and car engines performance.

They changed tyre after each race.

The little tools and gadget that they have seems very expensive.

I wonder can buy from Taobao or not?  Wahahaha

IMG 1518

We just sitting there and watch all the pre-qualifying rounds.  The race race we watched are the F1 cars.  And those cars are even faster than the sport car race.

IMG 1594

So, at the end of the day, I bought small RC cars for the boys.

Because they wanted to play.

So, to prove my point to them, I bought two cars.

I told them “It is not easy!”.

Go home you will know.

IMG 1605

The boys are so happy with their “cheap” and “small” RC cars.

They thought they can handle it.

IMG 1642

I build a race track for them.

This is version 2.0.

The first version has a left right left bend instead of the simple one shown here.

After I see how they “struggled” I decided to build a rectangular race track.

How I build it?  Easy la.  Use Thomas the Train Track la!

IMG 1649

So, the reason why I buy smaller RC cars because, it seems reasonable big for the race track I build for them.

IMG 1647

Just look at them.  Wahahaha.  Banging here and there.

So, I let the kids playing the RC cars for hours.  As when I am writing this… they are now playing outside.  Trying to perfect the skill.

IMG 1652

So, my reason is very simple.  If they cannot handle the small car and the small track, how on earth are they going to handle the big car leh?  Wahahaha.

IMG 1661

Later, you see them improve bit by bit.  Wahahahaa.  

Kids is like that.  They always wanted things that they want.  So, what they don’t understand is there is no overnight become skilful kind of super power.  Everything needs practise.  So, invest a little in small cars so that they can clearly see how much time to become an expert.  Wahaha.

I think this is a cool way of teaching kids.

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