Who Is Jolly Roger?

Date:  March 16, 2014

That day, Lorna Whiston asking the mommies and daddies to stay back in school to watch a presentation of our children performing for the speech and drama lesson.

It is a traditions for Lorna Whiston teacher to hold such an event so that parents can know what hey learn in school.  We know they learn English, Chinese and Math.  But this speech and drama are extras.

Also, if there are these kind of event, parents, please try your very best to attend.  I can see some of the kids searching for their parents and they could not find the presence. These kids show their “sadness” in their eyes.

This week topic is Pirates.

The kids are talking about “Johnny Roger”.  I have no clues who are Jonny Roger.  

Then, Kay Kay corrected me “It is Jolly Roger” not “Johnny Roger”.

So, I wiki it, it is the symbol on the Pirate Flag.  The skeleton.



Parents sit behind the kids and watch.

IMG 1259

Kids are very active, but when parents are around, they act strangely.  Strangely active.  Wahahaha.

IMG 1261

They dance they follow the cue from teacher Daniel and perform.  Quite Cool to look at all the kids perform.

IMG 1281

Also, you get the chance to see who are your kid friends and how they talk and what they talking about.

IMG 1287

Pirate Kay introducing himself.  Not much of introduction, but laugh all the way.

Hey, why not?  You have a happy kid.  Just like his older brother Jay Jay.

Oh ya… Kids tends to follow each other.  If one kid says he drew a Jolly Roger, the rest of the kids will say the same thing, they drew Jolly Roger.  Wahahahaha.

So, I am glad that Kay Kay is doing well in class.

Lorna Whiston is really doing a great job shaping up our kids.

I can see huge changes in Kay this year.  He loves to draw.

IMG 1174

He loves to play tic-tac-toe with Jay Jay.  Believe or not, Jay Jay sometimes still lose to his little brother.  And both of them love.

IMG 1478

Secretly I know he wants to be at least on par with his brother.  So, he is learning how to write calligraphy (have not taught him how to hold the pen because do not want to confuse him).

IMG 0823

He is getting better in his ping pong.

IMG 0913

He assemble his first lego Duplo set.

IMG 0836

He still love to draw.

IMG 0995

And he created this multi dimensional tic tac toe game.  He did not exactly tell me how you play, but they just happily put the O and X on it.  Wahahaha.

IMG 0997

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