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Date:  March 16, 2014

What a big pomfret.  Thanks Ah-Ma for giving us this during CNY.  It is frozen until yesterday and it is so sweet!

IMG 1237

Hey, there is a fish tail.  What can we do with it?

IMG 1238

Wahahahahahaha!  Fish Tail Trick!

IMG 1245

Wow, It is almost 3 years when I wrote the blog entry of “Funny Mom Make Your Children Happy”.

This is the main attraction from that blog entry.

 Mommy put a fish tail in her mouth and make the fish tail move.  This is like eating and swallowing the whole fish in her mouth.

So, 3 years later…. The son follows mommy’s foot steps.

Like mommy Like Son.  Looks the same.  So funny!

Well done Jay Jay!

So, remember, children will always treat daddy mommy as role model.  They REMEMBER every single thing that happen int he past.  

And sometime, they will imitate mommy and daddy.

So, remember, do not swear in front of your kids, do not use bad words, do not talk about other people in front of the kids.  Always thing what you want to talk, and make sure if kids are around or not.  It can be a great tools for teaching kids if you know this trick.

Jay Jay has become a very nice helpful son.  Jay, distribute them evenly.

Especially after they learn math and put them into good use.  Wahahaha

IMG 1251

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