Cookie Baking Night

Date:  March 16, 2014

Yesterday is the first day of school holidays.

Mommy conducted a cookie baking class for the kids.

Lukas & Louis came over to learn how to bake cookies.

Of course, “Graphical Stimulus” is very important, they have to read the baking instructions that comes with photos.  HaHaHa.

IMG 1500

They also will learn what are fractions.  What is 1 cup of flour, and what is 1/2 cut of sugar, and what is 1/4 (quarter) of ….

They boys are having quite some fun there.  Although I don’t think they can learn a lot math from here… But they do have fun baking the cookies.

IMG 1503

The Chocolate chip.  Not exactly in chip shapes, but taste nice.  The kids done this.

IMG 1504

Next is the butter cookie.

The kids job is to put the sprinkle on it.

IMG 1505

Yeah, use the force, be focus, every single piece of biscuits must be nicely bake ya!  hahaha

IMG 1508

One of the goal of raising kids is to get your child involves in activity that they do not or may not learn from classes.

The best is to invite a couple of friends to be there to have fun and do things together.  

The more good friends they have, the more they can influence each other.  This is very important for their future growth and development.

5 more minutes the cookies will be ready.

IMG 1510

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