Jay Cutting His Finger Nails

Date:  March 16, 2014

This post has only one photo.  Why?

Because yesterday, Jay Jay cut his own finger nails the first time in his whole life.

This is a great sign of independence.


IMG 1496

But of course, this is the story of how and why?

Because of “peer pressure”.  Wahahahaha.

Lukas:  “I cut my own finger nails.”

Jay listened.

Lukas:  “But I cannot cut my pinky finger nail.  Very difficult.”

Jay listened.

When Jay needed his finger nails to be cut, he asked mommy to let him try.

And Jay tried.  And ….

Jay: “It’s so easy!”

Jay: “Hey, I can cut my pinky finger nail.”

That’s the story.

Sometimes, you will need to listen to your child conversation in school.  

Always ask them how’s things, how’s everything, any funny thing to share?

And they will love to share their story to you, and that is how they grow.

Thanks Lukas!


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