Kay Swimming – Progress 15-03-2014

Date:  March 16, 2014

I wrote a lot of updates on my Jay Jay.  It is time to start focus a bit on Kay Kay.  As he starts asking why I don’t have this video, that video.  HaHaHa

IMG 1455

This week is a continuation of last week lesson.  Kay still has not learned how to change breathe.  But looking at his progress, I am very sure that he can do it in 2-3 months time.

IMG 1451

A new thing he learned today is to hang on to his swimming board, and swim up side down where his head face the sky.  Wow.  He was having lots of fun while having some fear too.  Don’t worry, Mommy is there to help out.

IMG 1430

He is now very comfortable being in the water, and as long as he has his board, he feels safe.

So, at some point you can see that if he fell short of his breathe, he will swim towards his board, to get his swimming board first.

This is GOOD!  Good job Kay.  

Also, if he felt that he has not enough breathe, he knew when to TURN BACK.  

This is GOOD.  Good Job Kay!

IMG 1439

And of course, before he swims, he knows how to get to the pool side faster.  If he felt short of the breathe, instead of swim straight, he will swim right and make a short cut to the pool side.  HaHaHa… Of course, most of the time, he has enough breathe.  As uncle Soh move further and further away, he got to learn how to take bigger breathe.

IMG 1442

His left hand stroke nicely, but the right hand a bit slow.  I think he is a right brain kind of kid.

IMG 1450

 But I think he is doing great!  No rush, and he just have to slowly get used to using both hands.

Good improvement from last week Kay Kay!

After the swim, Kay Kay keep on rubbing his eyes, and some how he keeps blinking the eyes.

Now, after watching this video I know why.

His goggles is half filled with the water.  Wahahahahaha.

Jay Jay does not have badminton lesson today.  So, he is able to make it to the pool to swim and encourage his little brother.

IMG 1469

HaHaHa… uncle Soh made him race with Rafael.  Suddenly Rafael becomes very good.  hahahaha.

Mommy look!  I am sitting on my board.

IMG 1473

Again, the kids have lots of fun at the pool today.

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