P2 School Project – Social Studies

Date:  March 15, 2014

This term, Jay Jay has a school project from the Social Studies class.

The learning outcome for the project is “Pupils will be required to do a write-up on one of the festivals celebrated in Singapore.  They may present their work in the form of scrapbook or 3D or using IT tools.

So, exactly how much you (as a parent) need to be involve in this?

In my opinion, this is his first project from school that I could recall, so, why don’t you put in 100% of the efforts in teaching your kid how to do it, and show him multiple ways of doing it.  And then, always consulted his ideas, and ask him questions.

So, for nearly 2-3 weeks of efforts.  Jay Jay completed this with my help (10%-15%) 

So, this blog is to walk thru the process of creating this project book.

IMG 1045

The first 1-2 weeks is for him to learn how to search on Google.

He was amazed that the web browser could do so much things.

For now, he learned how to key in a “keyword” and then click on the “Images” tab and he gets to see all sort of photos.

For him to complete his CNY book.  He needs a lot of photos.

Since the topic is Chinese New Year, it is easier for the Jay to talk about Chinese New Year.

He then can compare what he knows and relates it to the photos he sees.  And then, he can add more knowledge when he asked me about photos he does not understand.

So, in his presentation, he is going to talk about things we usually do before CNY, Ang Pao, Drangon Dance, Food, etc etc.

As the thought process expands his presentations also expands.

So, the next thing that he learned is to learn how to save those photos he wants to appear in his presentation slides.

Simply drag the photos he wants onto the desktop of the PC.

He was so excited next when he learned how to operate the Keynote (Mac’s version of Power Point).

This is what I teach him, drag the photos (import) into the Keynote pages, and type the bullet points on what he wants to say.

YES!  That simple.  One Page, One Photo, One line text.  

So, the whole idea is to create the skeleton presentation slides, print it out and stick the slides onto an art book.  And then expand the idea from there.

He was very happy that it involves a whole lot of things.

So, immediately the flow of information came in and we finalised the agenda of the presentations.

Let’s start!

1.  Designing the front page.  Simply buy the letters stickers for him.

IMG 1016

2.  Done!  Looks very boring.  Plain and boring.

IMG 1017

3.  So I asked him, do you want to draw anything?  Or paper cutting?  Or Calligraphy?

He then “Oh ya, I always write the 毛笔字!”  So, he picked the Chinese Brushes and start to write.

IMG 1024

4.  He has learned well.  The way how he hold the Chinese calligraphy brush.

So, he wrote 新年快乐 and 春 on the first page.

IMG 1030

5.  Although it is not so perfect yet, but for an 8 years old kid who does not have any proper training in writing Chinese Calligraphy, he has done a very good job.  Good Job Jay!

6.  Next, I told him that the front page is still a bit plain.  So, I suggested to him to draw some small little CNY symbols.

The fire crackers is one of the simpler thing to draw.  And he drew it in school before.  

IMG 1033

7.  Of course, mandarin oranges is also easy to draw.  

IMG 1034

8.  This is how he finished his first title (front) page.  I think it is excellent job.

So, I explain to Jay, in this first page, the most amazing thing is his own calligraphy art works.

That is how teacher will “give marks” to such a hard work.

The “By Jay” is something cool for the kid too.  This is your work, so, label your name.

Kids always feel very proud of heir own work. 

IMG 1178

9.  Well done Jay!

IMG 1047

10.  Next job is very hard work.  HaHaHa.

So, he used up almost 25 minutes just to GLUE the presentation slides onto the art books.

There are about twenty plus pages.

He learned to use the glue pen to do it.  Wahahaha.  Lazy mommy bought him all these lazy stationary.


IMG 1035

11.  You really need to prepare all the scissors, glues, tapes, art pens, etc.

IMG 1049

12.  This page is important.  As it is the first page where Jay learned how to drag photos onto his Keynote slide, and RESIZE it.

This process involved the selection of photos that he likes, and paste it here.

IMG 1179

13.  The main topic is Chinese New Year.  So, you got to explain what is Chinese New Year.

IMG 1180

14.  When is the Chinese New Year?

So, this is where daddy and son learned the knowledge together.

This is where Jay first make known of the other Calendar.

The lunar calendar or Chinese Calendar.

IMG 1181

15.  I suggested to him that we need to present some REAL SAMPLES so that people would know what is Chinese Calendar.

So, I suggested to him to make a “pocket” to keep his sample.

IMG 1182

16.  I need to circle the Chinese New Year day.  

IMG 1009

17.  This is a sample of Chinese Calendar.  

IMG 1183

18.  This is where Jay Jay first learned how to write bullet points.

IMG 1184

19.  Spring Cleaning is important.  We actually involved Jay in the spring cleaning.  

So, he can remember.

IMG 1185

20.  Jay always enjoys the CNY decorations.

IMG 1186

21.  He remembers that likes to used old ang pao paper to make decorations. 

IMG 1187

22.  If you came to my home before, you will notice this Calligraphy word written by Kay Kay.  And it is hanging on our door.

Now, it has been transferred to Jay’s presentation book.

IMG 1188

23.  Oh ya!  Daddy, you remember the fan and the lanterns that you teach us how to do in school (during volunteering work).  

Can we put some here?

IMG 1189

24.  The Ang Pao arts are in 3D, but also can be folded and keep inside the sample pocket.

He loves the sample pocket.

IMG 1191

25.  Mommy passed by and asked, how come you never say anything about the paper cutting decorations?

Jay says: “OK.  But I don’t know how to cut?”

Mommy says:  “OK, kiss me here, I will cut for you.”

This is the mommy’s only contributions.  Wahahaha.

IMG 1192

26.  Well, daddy still need to do the work, as he needs to find how to cut it sample for mommy to cut it.

IMG 1194

27.  This is probably his favourite section of the book.

IMG 1196

28.  He even go to take the very last packet of bak gua and put inside the presentation.

I told him, you have to be careful because there may be some Muslim in the class.

He says, “OK.”  he will tell them is non-halal.

IMG 1197

29.  While searching for the Chinese Food photos.  He found this picture.

So, I explain to him that since you are in Care Program because you are overweight, why don’t you warn fat people to be careful of what they eat during Chinese New Year.

He agrees.  And this is going to be a make fun and funny page.

IMG 1198

30.  He go and choose the best photos for this Reunion Dinner.

He says, he wants to show the class his and Kay’s art work hanging on the wall. 

Well thought Jay!

IMG 1199

31.  Hahahaha… Cook a lot of food!

IMG 1200

32.  His favourite.  To use the chop stick to lou yu sheng.

IMG 1201

33.  He always asked what and why we say those good things when we add pepper, add lemon, add oil, add crackers in there.

IMG 1214

34.  So I showed him a info graphics that has all the good things to say.

Then, he say, can he do a flash cards?

I say of course.  You start cutting it.  hahaha

IMG 1040

35.  But I don’t regconize all these Chinese words.  So, I told him, there is nothing stoping you from writing Han Yu Pin Yin, right?

IMG 1042

36.  HaHaHa… So, he created these flash cards.

IMG 1202

37.  Thank you for giving me credits on the Pen Cai ya!

IMG 1215

38.  The reunion photos.  He purposely choose this funny face photo.

IMG 1216

39.  He likes to be in Malaysia during Chinese New Year as he can play a lot of dangerous fire crackers.  hahaha

IMG 1217

40.  He stays up late to see the fireworks.

IMG 1218

41. This is where you can ask him to draw.  Using color magic pens, etc.

IMG 1044

42.  This is his simple art work.  Due to time constraints, he cannot spent too much time to draw it. 

IMG 1220

43.  He also fly the sky lantern too.  So, I told him would be nice to draw a sky lantern.  

IMG 1221

44.  He did a nice simple diagram.

IMG 1223

45.  Chinese Greetings.

IMG 1224

46.  Ang Pao.

IMG 1226

47.  The Ang Pao Samples.

IMG 1227

48.  Save money.  We brought the boys to save money in the bank.

IMG 1228

49.  He says I want the photos that I go fishing.

IMG 1229

50.  These are the yearly lion dance at our condo there.

IMG 1230

51.  He loves it because there are a lot of sweets you can take when the lion spill them out.

IMG 1231

52.  That’s it.  That is the end of the Chinese New Year Presentation that he has made.

IMG 1232

53.  This is probably the most important part.  So, I put all his hard work into one page and paste it on the last page.  So that the teacher can see how hard work he is.

IMG 1233

54.  Don’t forget to tie it up.  hahaha I love this art book.

IMG 1234

So, the efforts from daddy mommy although is not much, but the time to stand beside them while they are doing it is indeed a lot.

In my opinion, let the kid knows that his daddy mommy is always besides him to support and to teach.  

And I can see that he is so happy about his project.

And he learned a lot indeed for an 8 year old kid.

IMG 1046

Good job Jay!

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