Monopoly – The One With iPad Banking

Date:  Jan 14, 2013

I used to play Monopoly when I was young.

Last Saturday, I saw this in one of the Apple store (store that sell Apple products) in Millennium Walk.

It is a new version of Monopoly that you play together with either your iPhone or iPad.

.IMG 6166

It comes with a playing board.  The center is where you place your iPad.  All the property cards are placed at the side.

IMG 6138

Of course, you still need to throw the dice to move your piece.

IMG 6142

So, for example, when you go to “Park Place” and it has not been owned.  

IMG 6143

You click on the iPad to choose your action item.

IMG 6144

There are lots of items you can choose from.  Most of the time, we chose Property to buy, to mortgage or unmortgage your property.  

Everytime you pass the GO place, you earned $2M.  So, you press the button and swipe your card.

If you land on someone else property, you choose “Pay Rent”.  Then, you key in how much you pay.

If you do not want to buy the property, you must action it.

If you hit the “Chance” or “Community Chest”, you can play mini games to earn more, or to make other people pay money.

To get out of jail, you can come here to choose your option.  

Paying taxes too are here.

IMG 6145

So, when you choose “Buy”, the buy menu will come up.

IMG 6146

Simply key in the amount that you paying for the property.

IMG 6147

This is the magical bank card.  And up till now, I still have not figure out how it works!  (I am not planning to google it yet).

IMG 6148

Simply place the card on to your designated white slot, touch the screen…

IMG 6149

Walaaa…. Bank transfer immediately start.  Yup, I still don’t know how it works… but it does the job.  There are four corner for four players to touch the corner and swipe the card.

IMG 6151

Jay Jay simply love swiping the card.  HaHaHa

IMG 6154

Oh dear, I am loosing… Jay Jay build his first house already.

IMG 6155

It’s going to be a close fight between me and Jay Jay…. 

IMG 6156

But wait, we have no time to complete this, we cannot wait for anyone goes bankrupt.

So, how?  Simply say you want to quit and the iPad will FIND A WINNER for you.. but asking whose property is who, etc.

IMG 6158

iPad just amazingly calculate who has the most assets.

IMG 6159

Of course I win.  Although Jay Jay has build 2 houses, and I have none, but I have all the rich properties.  HaHaHaHa

IMG 6161

I quite like the game and strongly recommend it.  🙂

IMG 6157

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